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“We care for YOU” AG Cherishes 10 Successful Years In Switzerland’s Market For Private Pension Provision And Financial Solutions

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Switzerland, often confused with Sweden – as it happened earlier this year when NYSE hung the Swiss flag instead of Swedish flag for Spotify’s IPO – is commonly associated with the clichés of mountains, watches and its famous chocolate. As it became obvious to global audience during the Football World Cup 2018 the comparatively small country with almost 8.4 million inhabitants is also a multicultural melting pot with a third of the population having a migration background.

Changing demographics

As in many other industrialized countries also the population in Switzerland is ageing with a current average life expectancy of 83.2 years. This means a real challenge for the internationally praised Swiss pension system, which consists of 3 pillars. While the first 2 pillars are compulsory the third pillar is a voluntary private pension. Experts keep warning, that with respect to the increasing length of the period of retirement the first two mandatory pillars would not be enough to cover the living costs of retirees and therefore call on the active working population to participate in voluntary and tax-privileged pension schemes at an early stage.

Darko Milincic

Entrepreneurship and a lively team spirit

Since its foundation 10 years ago ag, the leading privately owned and managed provider in its market segment, has played an important role in helping individuals and families to develop and implement private pension schemes and financial solutions tailor-made to their ever-changing individual provision needs and situations in the life-cycle context. With its proprietary “360° financial analysis” the company lays the long-term ground for the client’s financial investments and pension and insurance solutions. ag is partnering only with the leading Swiss providers that offer proven products such as investment funds, or unit-linked life insurances.

With an immigration-background himself and the vision to both support people in Switzerland in the area of financial and pension planning and to offer new, young and highly motivate talents the opportunity to pursue an attractive career in the industry, Founder & CEO Darko Milincic and his team have constantly developed the company to a leading player in the Swiss market with more than 40’000 customers and over 200 qualified and certified advisors. “Looking back on the early days of our company when we started with a team of few talents in small offices I must admit that I am proud about our current status and market position”, says Mr Milincic. We have a long-standing management team with the key people from the very beginning still on board. Although we have gathered substantial expertise and experience we are still as motivated with a fresh attitude as we were in the early days” says Milincic; “this and the team spirit make our company very special”. ag is a sought-after employer that offers new talents interesting career perspectives with the opportunity to constantly grow. Magic EdTech Making Digital Learning Accessible, Affordable And Sustainable

High level of customer and employee satisfaction

Maintaining a high level of satisfaction among customers, employees and business partners is a key Performance Indicator for ag. Across Switzerland a broad range of video testimonials conducted in 2017 revealed the high level satisfaction among those stakeholders. While customers emphasized the excellent service attitude and commitment and the high quality of advice, the employees praised the unique career opportunities and team spirit. “We care for You” is not just an advertising slogan but a part of the corporate culture. Independent from nationality or gender at ag everyone finds the same career opportunities. “From trainee to the manager of an own team – we offer great perspectives to our talents and team members” emphasizes Manuel Gomes, Director of Sales and one of the board members.

Single point of contact for new arrivals

Switzerland’s multiculturality is reflected in the diversity of staff at ag. As Switzerland is a very interesting destination for foreigners due to its high living standard and employment opportunities there is a great need to integrate the new arrivals into the pension system. That is where ag has a competitive advantage over the established and traditional Swiss players. “We have an open and transparent culture and welcome people from outside”, concludes CEO Darko Milincic.

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