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Startup Yutongo – Productive Team Brainstorming

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Yutongo is a new web app that boosts your innovation process. You can gather a team and collect, rate or comment ideas from team members. Each business gets a subpage on the yutongo domain, so there is a full control of participants and project privacy. Below is our recent interview with Sandro Morghen, founder of yutongo:

Sandro-MorghenQ: Sandro, tell us please what is yutongo and how does it work?

A: yutongo is a web based application which offers users a structured process to generate ideas like names, product & service innovations, strategy, marketing ideas and more. Unlike most other web applications for online brainstorming, yutongo follows a thoroughly elaborated method, developed by us, where users, in a first iteration, collect what we call «Idea Fragments» guided through a set of inspiring sub-questions looking at your creative task from many different view angles. In the second iteration of a yutongo ideation process, the idea fragments collected in the first step are shown in a random manner and participants are asked to make creative idea combinations based on the content shown. Like this, you are able to improve the quality of your creative output massively.

The application is structured into Idea Challenges where you describe the goals of your project and collect the ideas; for each Idea Challenge, you can create an unlimited number of processes attached to it. A process is a sequence consisting of tasks that consist of one sub-question, one creativity tool, the maximum working time for a task etc. Within the same Idea Challenge, you can invite different users to a process. Typically, users will work between 10 and 20 minutes in a process.

yutongo is good for all kinds of people who are loaded with creative tasks such as innovation managers, advertising agencies, designers, R&D people, business strategy people etc.


Q: Could you tell us more about yutongo’s key features?

A: Sure. One feature which is very important for our users is that you can seamlessly configure the privacy settings of your processes (e. g. they can be set as a public process, a secret process, a process users will have to apply for in order to participate etc.). Of course, there are plenty of other features like a payment module where you can pay your creative thinkers through PayPal, you can setup your own company page ( where you can put all your Idea Challenges onto a stage. You also have smart exporting functions for ideas collected. In addition, yutongo also includes a whole social network with follow and messaging functions and your personal newsfeed to keep you updated what the community is up to.

Let me point out that no other online brainstorming or innovation tool offers such an elaborated and in-depth approach for web based idea creation.

Q: Tell us something more about your pricing plans?

A: The basic plan is free and it lets you have one Idea Challenge at a time with a limited number of ideas collected and a limited number of participants being able to participate in an Idea Challenge. There are also some paid plans starting from 24$/month with fewer limitations. The premium plan costs 99$/month and doesn’t have any limitations at all. Upon request, we also offer larger corporates to let them host yutongo on their own servers as well as methodological trainings for innovation managers using the tool.


Q: What can yutongo users expect in 2015?

A: In 2014, we have developed a quick setup routine that offers users a simple way to automatically setup a yutongo process including formulating the sub-questions following a simple algorithm. In 2015, we are planning on continuing to introduce additional intelligence in order to simplify the use of yutongo for Idea Challenge owners even more. Also, we are planning to add more creativity tools to the application to make brainstorming with yutongo an even more inspiring experience.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: If you need an affordable online brainstorming tool with a highly elaborated method e. g. within your marketing or innovation team or just for yourself, don’t hesitate to sign up. Play with it, collect ideas with it, invite your folks to join your Idea Challenges. We admit that our approach may be a little bit unusual at first sight, but quite soon you will see how much better collecting ideas with yutongo is than by using other tools.

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