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Why Hire Internal Recruiters Or Agencies? – My Recruiting Team Offers End-To-End Recruitment Services

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My Recruiting Team was launched to address and take away the pain points experienced by mid to large-sized organizations in their daily search for high talented candidates. The leadership team have over 105 years of experience altogether, an extensive professional network, over 54 professional awards, and over 6000 recruited candidates. Below is our interview with Raji Wahidy, Founder & CEO of My Recruiting Team:


Q: Why did you decide to call it My Recruiting Team?

A: Very good question and I am glad you asked. We want our business partners to immediately relate to us the moment they read the name of our company. We want them to know that our recruiting team will ultimately be theirs and will be committed to their success. The days of differentiating between a customer and a vendor are long gone; at least in my point of view. It is all about partnership nowadays especially in this type of business where the recruiting team will have to be an essential part of our business partners’ organizations. The recruiting team will need to work closely with the HR Business Partners and the Hiring Managers in order to put forward industries’ best talent. Our mutual partnership will lead to a great success with very high quality candidates and lower recruitment costs.

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Q: What makes My Recruiting Team a good choice?

A: Great question. Please allow me to delve into more detail why My Recruiting Team is a good choice for our business partners.

First of all, our team has a lot of experience in this domain. Over the years, we have successfully hired exceptional talent in Sales, Service, Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT, HR, and other functional units. We have altogether over 105 years of experience, an extensive professional network, over 54 professional awards, and over 6000 recruited candidates. All of this will allow us to provide an enhanced quality of hire and higher candidate retention rates.

The recruiters we hire as part of our team are specialized recruiters not generalists as most organizations hire as part of their teams. In other words, if an organization wishes to outsource the recruitment of say their IT department to us, we will have an experienced IT recruiter dedicated to meeting our business partners’ needs. Should an organization decide to fully outsource their recruitment function to us, we will assign a recruiter that has a comprehensive experience across all functional units.

We only hire local recruiters within the United States and Canada. We do not outsource recruitment to save on our costs. We strongly believe in providing quality and experts in the market where our business partners wish to operate. We have all been in situations where we have received an email or a phone call from a recruiter or an agency that offers you a role that has no relevance to the experience you have. We cannot afford and will not make these mistakes. We definitely do not want to waste anyone’s time.

We are committed to reducing our business partners’ end-to-end recruitment time. We appreciate the urgency of hiring quality candidates and our efficient and seamless recruitment processes will help realize this reduction. This will also ultimately lead to a reduction in overall recruitment cost and time-to-hire.

On that note, recruitment costs for our business partners typically include, and are not limited to, recruiting managers’ costs, agency fees, job banks’ fees, social media fees, management time, along with many other costs. We will take responsibility for all of these costs, which is ultimately the reason why we will be able to provide our business partners with overall recruitment cost reduction.

Moreover, we will own the end-to-end candidate recruitment experience. Nothing is more frustrating than a candidate who is left hanging or not updated on the recruitment process taking place. Candidates are ultimately an organization’s customers. Whether they make it or not, it is important that they have a great experience. If they don’t then they will speak poorly about that organization, which ultimately impacts their brand. We care about our business partners’ brand and therefore, we are committed to providing every candidate with the best experience possible. At My Recruiting Team, our core values revolve around excellence, professionalism, and transparency.
Last but definitely not least; we support all the work we do with measurable metrics, which are better known as key performance indicators. We will measure metrics such as average cost-of-hire, time-to-hire, offer-to-acceptance ratio, retention rate, and others for our business partners.

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Q: So you are not an Agency?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, agencies probably do not appreciate us being around as we are introducing further cost reductions to our business partners through an end-to-end recruitment process that we are fully responsible for. Typically, when an organization struggles in their search for the candidate they are looking for, they reach out to agencies to assist them in finding this talent. Agencies in return charge organizations a percentage fee, normally from the base salary of the hired candidate. At My Recruiting Team, this extra cost is gone.

Q: How would you describe My Recruiting Team and services it provides?

A: My Recruiting Team was launched to address the pain points experienced by organizations in their daily search for high talented candidates.

Our mission is to take away this pain. We understand that recruiting managers are not the only cost to our business partners and we are committed to giving back any extra cost incurred so that our business partners can use this additional cost instead to focus on their strategy, sales, and operations.

We appreciate that our business partners want to offer their external customers with a world-class customer experience and we are here to provide them with the best talent that will enable them to deliver to their customers’ needs.

As for our services, we currently offer three types of services. Project-based recruitment, where we focus on the special hiring needs of the specific project that our business partners are working on. Department-based recruitment, where we focus on the hiring needs of a specific department or function, such as sales, IT, operations, or whatever the need may be for our business partners. And finally, should our business partners wish to outsource all of their annual recruitment, then we will work in partnership with our business partners to ensure that the best talent is hired accordingly. For all these services, we are committed that we stick to the budget and hiring phases as agreed with our business partners.

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Q: What’s your startup story?

A: Our startup story is quite a simple one. We are a group of professionals who have experienced and witnessed the struggles and the frustration that organizations go through while searching for talent. We have also experienced and witnessed the impact of a poor candidate experience throughout the hiring process. This is something very common, especially among mid to large-sized organizations. We decided to stop taking the back seat and watch things continue to unfold. We wanted to make a difference and improve this overall experience to our business partners and the aspiring candidates. So we got together and worked over the past several months to ensure that we got the basics right. We built processes, tools, and infrastructure that will allow us to deliver a superior experience to our business partners and the candidates accordingly. As one supporting C-level executive has told me – “Hope you change the face of recruitment” – And we are committed to doing so.

Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: We are currently engaging with potential business partners to explore future partnership opportunities. We are constantly receiving support and recognition for what we are committed to accomplishing. The feedback has been very positive as our potential business partners do realize that this is indeed a pain point that they are facing. These challenges are all over various industries and we are committed to assist in alleviating these challenges and making the recruitment processes seamless for our future business partners and their candidates. So all in all, the feedback has been excellent and the support has been superb.

Q: What are your plans for next 6-9 months?

A: Over the next 6-9 months, we will look to continue to engage with our potential business partners and assist in integrating our processes with theirs in order to provide a seamless end-to-end experience to our business partners and their candidates.

Our plans are quite ambitious and although we have started our operations across two critical markets, the United States and Canada, we look to expand globally. In fact, one of our potential business partners has already asked us whether we are ready to provide our services globally, and although the intention is definitely there, the last thing we want is to over promise and under deliver. We are most definitely committed to our core values – excellence, professionalism, and transparency. We will look to expand across other markets, particularly in EMEA in 2017. Other markets will follow accordingly.

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