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Why Viral TikToker @ninadoesthemost Is “That” Girl

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Imagine being able to buy stocks of a legendary company on the very first day that it offered their shares. How rich would you be if you bought and held Facebook from it’s conception until now. That’s the kind of advantage that being a first mover provides. It’s exactly what I accomplished when I decided to create both free and subscription-based content on Instagram, YouTube, OnlyFans, TikTok, and Twitter.

I’ve been a creator since 2005, before the phrase existed, before there was even space for such an industry. As a trending Instagram model and successful OnlyFans creator, I’ve amassed a legion of loyal supporters. But TikTok is where I truly found my niche. Several of my @ninadoesthemost videos went viral, with people from all over the world reading—and heeding—my advice on everything from dating and relationships to hotel recommendations, buying real estate, food, beverages, healthcare products, makeup and hair care, and much more.

TikTok continues to help me up my game with a steady stream of content on my discoveries—beauty and fashion finds, dating drama, and crazy-fun segments I share with my fans. They tap in with me daily, voting on outfits during an H&M shopping trip; hearing me vent as a concerned cat parent about my OCD cat, Dasher; watching me happily rip open the box containing my Princeton Review test prep books for the LSAT; and of course, just seeing me dancing through life in true “It Girl” fashion.

The connection I’ve established with my followers is built on trust, recognition of my authenticity and knowledge, and belief that I’m always going to share the unfiltered truth. This credibility can translate into compensation—because advertisers are actively seeking social influencers whose recommendations and opinions can sway their followers’ buying choices toward certain products and brands…and paying them well if they can deliver. In fact, my TikTok dating stories netted me a deal to represent FAVOR (formerly The Pill Club) contraceptive pill, OKCupid dating, and other brands that naturally align with my lifestyle. Several other projects with my favorite brands are also in negotiation.

TikTok in particular is allowing more self-starters to enter the creator space and compete meaningfully, regardless of their background. An algorithm based on users’ likes and habits drives traffic to their FYPs from new content creators with similar content, even if they don’t have the fancy equipment or cameras at the level of large, more sophisticated setups.

Once you’ve got it down, going viral is easy. It’s knowing how to navigate next that’s the challenge. I’ve been at this relentlessly for years, but 2022 felt different. I finally broke through a threshold that I had yet to reach. All the years of hard work are bearing larger fruits, which makes me confident that this is the year I’ll be a household name. My growth already has momentum, so turn your notifications on because you do not want to miss the glow up that’s about to happen this year on my Tiktok!

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