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Wings – A Decentralized Platform To Create, Join And Manage DAOs

Wings is a cross blockchain Decentralized Autonomous Organizations management platform that allows easy DAO setup, participation or administration. WINGS announces early working version available this winter on RSK and Bitcoin, and be able to launch project DAOs in very early 2017. Below is our interview with Sebastian Stupurac, from WINGS:


Q: Sebastian, how would you describe Wings in your own words?

A: WINGS is a blockchain platform that seeds and nurtures a community dedicated to the launching, backing and promotion of new projects proposals through a fluid organizational model referred to as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAOs implement self-determining and independent organizational governance, management and operations using immutable blockchains and smart contracts execution.

Q: What inspired you to start working on Wings?

A: We were inspired to create WINGS after witnessing the rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) on Ethereum and decentralized prediction markets such as Augur; these are amazing, technologically disruptive concepts and at the same time have great technical barriers that exist for those interested in creating, backing and participating.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your key features?

A: WINGS combines several concepts, ranging from attention rewards, forecasting markets, smart contracts, governance models and federated funds security. The platform places an emphasis on encouraging the WINGS community to identify and promote high-value proposals that have higher chances of positive financial returns. WINGS creates a decentralized forecasting ecosystem that gives tangible incentives for WINGS token holders to put the effort in making the best available choices to maximize their rewards.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: WINGS will be starting a backing campaign soon to fund the development of the WINGS decentralized autonomous organization forecast markets and governance technology stack. The plan is to have an early working version available this winter on RSK and Bitcoin, and be able to launch project DAOs in very early 2017.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using WINGS?

A: WINGS makes it easy for anyone with a smart phone to get involved in innovative, global yet decentralized organizations to earn bounty income and gain reputation points for contributing to DAO projects.

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