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WOKcraft Adds The Academic Value To Wikipedia And Makes The Gamification Of Wikipedia At The Same Time

WOK or World of Knowledge is a project that aims to be the Knowledge Network. Basically the learning equal to Facebook where the social media interaction in the learning process works on top of Wikipedia. They have done so by creating a framework and database and API for multiple choice questions (MCQ) and then started a community that plays quiz games on top of Wikipedia articles. Now after two years after launching the WikiMaster app they have 400000 MCQs in the WOK database connected to 152000 Wikipedia articles. Some large articles like Sports have over 60000 and then they have some articles more granular with only one question. They aim to create an even stronger Community that over time cover all Wikipedia articles in all languages around the globe.

Below is our interview with Erik Bolinder, the Founder WOKcraft:


Q: WOKcraft makes the gamification of Wikipedia at the same time as it adds the academic value to Wikipedia; could you tell us something more?

A: Wikipedia was very useful in 2003 when they turned 2 years old and today we cant even imagined a World without this tool. Since WikiMaster is a Wikipedia app and doesn’t replace the encyclopedia we just enhance the current version with something better by adding fun on top. It’s not just for fun; the quizzes make the academic value of every Wikipedia article so much more valuable for students in need for learning to get the grades they need for going to University or make good grades. Imagine a schoolbook without control questions at the end of the chapters: It would not make sense. It’s unthinkable. These questions make students reflect on what they have read and forced the information to be turned into knowledge. If we know facts, we can draw conclusions. We can frame the World. Wikipedia is a de facto schoolbook for millions of people every day. So WOKcraft makes the gamification of Wikipedia at the same time as it adds the academic value to Wikipedia. If we also make it addictive and tale time from other social media that don’t make you smarter: That would be the icing on the cake.

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Q: How exactly does WOKbits work?

A: WOKbits is the units that the wokers get when they answer the multiple choice questions in a WOk app. Currently in WikiMaster and WikiFlip and Quiz King. It’s like Flying Miles when you book an airline ticket. The more correct answers you have, the more WOKbits you get. And the faster you answer correctly: The more WOkbits you earn on the same question. So you can repeat a Quiz aönd earn more. We recommend 10000 steps per day in your health app on your iPhone and 500 WOKbits (Wb) per day to keep your head in shape with knowledge. As a parent you can set chores to your kids like “clean your room, do your homework and get 5000 Wb before you get your weekly allowance”. If they learn about photosynthesis or Beyonce is, in the beginning, make no sense. They will get the habit of lifelong learning playing quiz games with fun and learn at the same time.

Q: Tell us more about your new app WikiFlip?

A: WikiFlip is a younger and more light sibling to WikiMaster. Out of the current 400000 questions in WOK the Community have illustrated over 128000 of them with images. These images are the main focus in WikiFlip. You can search any Wikipedia articles and then flip the images.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We at WOKcraft are steadily moving forward and adding more content, improve the functions in the apps, make the user experience better, make the API faster and try to spread the word about the Knowledge Network.

We are very excited about 2018. Hope to meet you all in WikiMaster challenges!

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