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World’s First Scientific Product Marketplace Beekr Is Changing The Scientific Product Trading Paradigm

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Beekr is the world’s first online marketplace devoted entirely to scientific products. Their range of sellers cover all areas of science, and enable organisations within the scientific industry to buy and sell new and second hand scientific equipment, consumables and instrumentation. Below is our interview with Karl Wyzenbeek, Director at Beekr:


Q: Karl, could you tell us something more about Beekr? How does it work?

A: Beekr has quite a few unique features. Customers on beekr can contact sellers directly to request more product information, and they can also purchase multiple items from multiple sellers in one transaction. When buyers place an order, there funds are securely held and only released to sellers when they ship. This is often referred to as escrow, and provides additional security and protection to both the buyer and the sellers. Customers can also compare sellers and products in one central location.

For buyers, they can add an unlimited number of scientific products to the marketplace. There are no monthly fees or signup fees and they only pay small referral fee when they receive an online order. Leads they receive direct from customers are also free of charge! Sellers can have an online store up and running in under 5 minutes. They do not need to setup merchant facilities and the team at beekr can even assist sellers to organise and optimise data for online selling.

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Q: What’s Beekr’s Story?

A: Even though science operates at the cutting edge, the actual behind the scenes business of how science is enabled is very traditional. Sales are still largely gained via sales reps and door knocking, purchase orders are largely a manual process, and there is limited transparency in the market over what things should really cost.

We decided it’s time to try and change the paradigm. We want customers to be able to easily compare all the different sellers and products in the marketplace on an actual online marketplace. Rather than having to go out and find information, call companies and wait for responses, our goal is to empower our customers with all the information they need to make a properly informed decision. This helps them to reduce costs and time, whilst ensuring they end up with the most suitable product.

Q: How did Beekr Start?

A: Prior to starting beekr, we had previously launched a successful online business call LabFriend which can now has presence in 8 countries worldwide. Due to the ongoing success of LabFriend, the founders were receiving substantial interest from manufacturers and sellers who wanted to see their products online, but there offering didn’t fit with the Labfriend business model. It was decided to start an entirely new business that would allow these sellers to quickly and easily list there products online with limited cost

Q: What are the main benefits for your sellers?

A: There are numerous benefits for sellers:

– Free to join
– No subscription fees
– List an unlimited number of products
– Free leads
– Focused marketplace just on science. Not a broad scale everything store
– Only take 5 minutes to open a store and begin selling
– Sellers can promote their additional services and show off their competitive advantages!

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Q: Who can be a seller?

A: Organisations who offer scientific equipment and services are able to sell on Beekr.

Q: What can we expect from Beekr in the future?

A: Beekr is still in its beta phase and we are releasing new developments to the platform every week. We have a large pipeline of work that will be rolled out to give customers far greater insight into the working of the scientific industry and asset management. We cannot go into too much detail on upcoming releases as they are still confidential. But we are very excited!

Q: How would you convince the reader to visit beekr?

A: If you are currently selling scientific or measuring equipment and wondering on the most cost effective and efficient way to offer your products online for sale – you should definitely visit beekr! There are no upfront costs and you can add an unlimited number of items. Our team is on standby to help you

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