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Wpromote Delivers Integrated Digital Campaigns To Businesses Worldwide

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Wpromote is a digital marketing firm based out of El Segundo, CA that drives rapid customer acquisition for its clients through multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns. Founded in 2001, Wpromote has served over 37,000 clients in over 60 countries and has become a known thought leader in the online marketing industry. Recently, Wpromote has released a case study about the beneficial effects of social commerce for their client TeePublic. Below is our interview with Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO at Wpromote:


Q: Michael, what advantage does Wpromote have over its competitors?

A: From top to bottom, Wpromote was designed from its early years with campaign integration in mind. Starting back in 2001, Wpromote opened for business earlier than its competitors and does digital marketing better than any other firm in the industry. Wpromote is one of Google’s most trusted partners and shares a special agency relationship with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that other agencies simply don’t have.

The SCORE methodology is what drives each of Wpromote’s campaigns to be so successful. It’s a cycle of hypothesizing; testing, and learning that ensures campaigns never plateau, and are always getting better. Combine this with Intuitive Search Intelligence – the belief that the intersection between human marketing expertise and data-driven decisions is where the best campaign optimizations can be found – and you begin to understand why Wpromote stands out as one of the best agencies in the country. Seamlessly bridging the technological and the human elements is a big part of what makes us so successful at driving huge ROI for our clients. We strive to be technology abled and emotionally minded so that all of our decisions are made in the real world and bring in the highest possible return on investment every time.

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Q: What is your core competence?

A: Here’s what Wpromote does best: we drive customer acquisition, and we do it through multi-channel, content centric campaigns. Whether our clients are startups or Fortune 500 companies, we have the strategies to power rapid and sustainable customer acquisition for anyone who comes to us. We do this by helping all of our clients dominate digital commerce through our variety of services. One of the most fundamental channels we do this through is paid search, the service Wpromote has been offering since 2004 and the true backbone of the company.

Paid search and social are where the SCORE Method truly comes into its own, helping Wpromote’s managers constantly refine and optimize campaigns to be better day-over-day instead of letting any campaign stagnate. But all of our other services benefit from SCORE, too: organic search, email, strategy, commerce advisory, and even our in-house creative department. The integration of all our services is what helps our clients constantly find new customers, and what keeps Wpromote leading the industry in quality and strategy.


Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Wpromote will be gearing up for two big milestones come June. First, we’ll be attending the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition, where I’ll be a featured speaker discussing the power of native advertising and the company will have a prominent booth on the floor. June is the same month that Wpromote will be launching its third office, this one based out of San Francisco as part of an initiative to expand into and capture the San Francisco market with a full account management and sales team. The creation of the third office is taking place in conjunction with the continued growth and expansion of the flagship El Segundo office in California and the second office in Chicago.

In the coming months, Wpromote will be working closely with Gyre Renwick, 13-year Google veteran and healthcare industry insider, to elevate our products and services across the board. We’ll also start offering Affiliate Management as one of our core services, and expanding our creative services to include website development.

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Q: What do employees love about the company?

A: There’s a lot to love about working at Wpromote. The office is open floor plan and even open-air, with a popular outdoor conference room just beyond the spacious cafeteria. It isn’t just that we offer great benefits, like 100% coverage of basic medical, vision, and dental insurance, or generous PTO. We go above and beyond with twice a week Yoga sessions and twice a week visits from our professional masseuse. We provide all kinds of free food, from cereal, tea, coffee, and juice to different dedicated days, like Fresh Fruit Mondays, Veggie Tuesdays, Throwdown Thursdays, and Bagel Fridays. To promote office camaraderie and get everyone to let their hair down a little, we have quarterly team social events, birthday celebrations, chili cook offs, and the ever-popular Fine Wine Fridays. And for anyone who needs a break, they can chill out with a game of ping-pong or shuffleboard. If there’s ever anything that’s bothering an employee, or something an employee wants to commend, Wpromote offers an anonymous feedback service through TinyPulse that helps keep the company accountable and constantly striving to be better.

In essence, what employees love about Wpromote is that we go out of our way to give them our best, to do anything we can to keep them happy and productive, and that we’re constantly listening to feedback.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Wpromote that people might not know about?

A: There’s a different vibe in the air at Wpromote’s offices. It isn’t a typical workplace culture. There’s an energy and an excitement in both the El Segundo and Chicago offices that you don’t find in typical, stuffy workplaces. Employees are genuinely excited to come in each Monday morning, and every day of the week that follows. In shaping the type of office atmosphere we wanted this company to have, there was never going to be a mission statement on a wall. Instead, we wanted there to be a set of ideals for everyone to aspire to and actually feel like they believed in, and for employees to collaborate and work together in a way that felt seamless. This is why Wpromote actively encourages games of ping-pong, and the open floor plan that allows employees to easily talk to each other at their desks. Fostering strong relationships is at the core of what powers Wpromote. Our work hard, play hard culture is what produces our amazing results. We make Mondays suck less for our employees, and in turn, they make Mondays suck less for our clients. That’s the secret to our success.

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