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Wristify – The World’s First Bracelet That Heats And Cools You

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Developed by Embr Labs, Wristify is an award winning heating and cooling bracelet that lets you make yourself comfortable by sending hot or cold pulses to a patch of skin on the wrist dozens of times per minute. Sam Shames from Embr Labs shares more details with us:

Sam Shames from Embr Labs, creators of WristifyQ: Could you tell us your story and something more about Wristify?

A: Our story began in summer 2013, when my co-founders Matt, David, Mike, and I entered MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s MADMEC competition together. After coming up with the idea, we created the initial proof-of-concept prototypes over the course of the summer, and we knew we were on to something big when we saw people’s reactions when they tried our technology. We won the competition in October and news of our idea went viral. That’s when we started getting emails from hundreds of people around the world asking to buy a Wristify and explaining how it could improve their lives. Those stories inspired us, and today we’re committed to delivering Wristify to market so we can bring the science of comfort from the lab to your living room. Our team believes that thermal is personal, and when it comes to comfort, the time has come to take control.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: The inspiration for the idea came from both

  • the old wives tales about putting an ice cube on your wrist to cool down when you’re hot and
  • continuously seeing discomfort in our lives as a result of our limited thermal comfort solutions.  For example, my mom runs cold. She bundles up just to walk around the house, but what’s worse, anytime she goes out, she has to worry about being uncomfortable.
  • Wristify Testing

    Q: How does it work?

    A: The science of comfort has shown we can make you more comfortable without changing your core temperature by focusing on the temperature at the skin. Rapidly changing part of the skin’s temperature can immediately make you more comfortable, just like when you splash water on your face. Our safe, patent pending technology uses high rates of temperature change applied directly to the skin, engineered for comfort by understanding our basic biology of temperature change.

    Wristify Explanation

    Q: What can we expect from your team in the future?

    A: We will be working as hard as we can on the product development process to ensure that we are delivering a beautifully designed and engineered product.

    Last Updated on May 22, 2016

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