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Xyngular: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About This Weight Loss Company

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Xyngular is a relatively young weight-loss and health supplement company that started in Utah and has since grown to several countries throughout the world. To its customers and Distributors, Xyngular is more than a weight-loss solution—it’s about family and a way of life. It’s about #BecomingMore. Xyngular products focus on health and wellness, helping people change their bodies physically and their lives financially.

Whether you’re familiar with this company and its products or have never heard its name before, read on for a quick guide to what makes Xyngular stand out.

1. Growing fast
Though it was founded just under a decade ago, Xyngular is growing rapidly. Since 2009 it has grown from a small startup to an established company earning $100 million in annual revenue. This growth is turning heads: For the last three years, Xyngular has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Plus, two years in a row it landed on the Utah Business Magazine list of the state’s 50 fastest growing companies.

2. Weight loss that sticks
Xyngular products were developed to help create new habits and keep weight off. A variety of health systems and products use natural supplements and community support, combined with meal plans and exercise ideas, to change lives quickly. For example, Ultimate—Xyngular’s most popular and powerful weight-loss system—jumpstarts a new healthy lifestyle and delivers impressive results in just 8 days.

Alongside weight-loss systems, Xyngular markets other nutrition products. Their newest product, Accelerate with Thermolit Blend, is clinically proven to burn fat three time faster than the leading fat burner on the market today. Other products include protein shakes, snack replacements, and sleep regulators.

3. Award-winning supplements
Xyngular products are attracting industry attention. In 2018, Xyngular’s Ultimate weight-loss system was a finalist for SupplySide Editor’s Choice Product of the Year award in the weight management category.

In 2017, Trimstix, a 10-calorie on-the-go drink featuring natural ingredients to help control blood sugar in healthy individuals and manage sugar cravings was recognized by SupplySide as the Editor’s Choice top weight management product.

And in 2016, Shine Hormone Optimizer, a product specifically for women, was a finalist for the SupplySide consumer packaged goods award. Shine balances hormones to burn fat, improve libido, and reduce PMS symptoms.

4. Family-like community
The company sells its wellness products through a network of Distributors in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and the Caribbean. Xyngular embraces family values when it comes to creating a community for its Distributors, who are given a road map to building their own profitable businesses with sales commissions. Distributors are invited to connect at events from corporate retreats to local meetups and trainings.

5. Strong leadership
CEO Russ Fletcher was named in as finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2018 in the Utah region. This award program is among the most prestigious in the world, recognizing business leaders for achievements such as innovation, community contribution, and financial success. Fletcher, who was named CEO in 2014, brings expertise from XanGo and NuSkin and has led Xyngular to its most profitable period.

6. Winning workplace
Company culture, both for corporate employees and Distributors, is being recognized as among the best. In 2018, Xyngular was named a Best Place to Work by Inc. magazine, Direct Selling News, and Utah Business magazine. This honor was also given to Xyngular in 2017 by all three publications.

7. Travel incentives
As entrepreneurial Distributors build their own businesses, their efforts are recognized not only with cash and other bonuses but with bucket-list worthy destination vacations. As they climb up the ranks, Distributors can qualify for trips to Sundance Ski Resort, the South Pacific, Mediterranean cruises, and other exotic locations.

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