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YipitData Provides Useful Insights To Help You Make Better Business Decisions

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Below is our recent interview with Nico Wada, Senior Marketing Manager at YipitData:

Q: Nico, what is YipitData?

A: YipitData is the industry’s most accurate and trusted source of alternative data insights. We provide useful insights to answer our clients’ key questions by sourcing, cleaning, verifying & analyzing billions of alternative data points. By partnering with over 400 institutional investors and Fortune 500 companies, we power our clients with the data they need to make better business decisions.

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Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: With home goods demand currently under a microscope, we’ve pulled together the top 30 pure players in this space, based on market share. We’ve found that Wayfair leads the sector overall, with 16.7% market share and commands nearly 2x the market share of its closest competitors, HomeGoods and Bed Bath & Beyond. We’ve also observed that HomeGoods shows an incredible comeback story, with the second largest percentage point increase in market share (+0.66 ppt), second only to Pottery Barn (+1.1 ppt). Lastly, AOF and Customer Retention Rates have fallen for most of the top 10 retailers from 1Q21 to 1Q22, which could be reflective of a decline in consumer demand for home goods, industry challenges with supply chain disruption, and/or a resurgence of smaller players like Ethan Allen, Arhaus and Room & Board claiming more of the home goods market.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: With our Investor Intelligence product, we release regular reports on 100+ tickers/companies that offer actionable insights including tracking of company metrics, coverage of long-term strategic initiatives, sector thematic pieces, one-time events and more. We use our compliance first approach to translate anonymized and disparate datasets into clean, accurate, and practical outputs that can be aggregated and easily consumed for modeling and analysis. Clients leverage our analyst team and expertise to fulfill deep-dives and custom analyses to answer specific questions while providing transparency into methodologies and analytical methods.

Our Corporate product is a bespoke solution that helps clients understand & monitor consumer behavior, gain visibility into market share, and access comprehensive competitive intelligence to define the battleground and identify opportunities for growth as they happen.

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