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Youtheory – Strives To Bring Customers The Highest Quality Products To Age Beautifully

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Youtheory believes that health is a feeling of youth and that they can make you feel youthful and full of energy once again. In fact their plethora of products ranging from anything between sleep powder to protein shakes can satisfy the needs of any customer. Below is our interview with Darren Rude, CEO of Youtheory:

Darren Rude

Q: Describe youtheory’s brand and marketing philosophies?

A: The youtheory brand strives to bring customers the highest quality products to Age Beautifully while also making the world a better place. Our award-winning team is committed to creating the best products with the finest ingredients as we continue our upward trajectory in the category.

As we continue to build upon our corporate expansion, we’re eager to grow our team here at Nutrawise, while our manufacturing footprint continues to increase. Our marketing philosophy is to serve others in order to enrich the lives of individuals, and build a better organization that will create a more just and caring world.

Q: You’ve been recently recognized for your #1 Turmeric and Collagen supplements by leading retailer data firms, how was the brand able to achieve this?

A: Achieving this recognition was a huge win for the Nutrawise team. We recognize that innovative breakthroughs don’t happen everyday and these accolades only propel us in our commitment to continue evolving the industry.

A large part of these accomplishments comes from our relationships with our retailers as well as the health & wellness consumer. We listen to what our customers say and look to innovate at every level from our sourcing to our packaging. The retailer data achievements are an amazing win for us, but we understand that’s just the beginning and we need to keep moving the industry forward in order to maintain our leadership status.

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Q: What is the motto that guides Youtheory’s decisions in a highly competitive category and market?

A: Youtheory’s motto is all about feeling good and living to the fullest, like we all did in our youth. We believe health comes from the inside. Our goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality products to enhance their overall health and wellness. We want consumers to choose our products because of the way they make them feel, inside and out.

Q: What’s the achievement you are most proud of?

A: Winning Orange County Register’s Top Workplace award as well as Orange County Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award was such a rewarding achievement for the Nutrawise team. Both publications acknowledged youtheory as a company with strong company culture and benefits for its employees in addition to its innovative supplement products.

As a company who embodies overall health and wellness, we aim to execute this within the workplace to ensure our employees do what they love and love what they do in an environment that will allow them to prosper. We’ve embodied providing our employees with a lively, productive work environment with amenities including a gym, a large workspace, healthy meals and snack, and time to reenergize. Being able to offer our employees quarterly bonuses sets us apart, proving our loyalty to our team members as we seek to share our profit, which then enables us to foster a rock-solid, loyal, serving team.

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Q: Is your company involved in any philanthropic efforts in the community?

A: Yes – Nutrawise’s goals of creating a more just and caring world is carried out in part through a variety of philanthropic activities. In order to advance our efforts to support children’s hospitals regionally, the company plans to use its facility to work closely with children in the region who are being treated for cancer at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Our commitment to corporate and human responsibility is also manifested through our projects in Kenya, where our company has built three much-needed water wells, one of which is at Sammy’s Angels orphanage for children with special needs that were abandoned by their families. We helped support the build for their new orphanage while creating jobs for the locals. Sammy’s orphanage introduced us the issue of abandoned children or more commonly ‘street boys’ so we began working with other local orphanages for boys to reintegrate homeless children off the streets and back into their villages. This reintegration process has begun to work so well in Kenya that the goal is to mimic is around the world as well as here in our local backyard of Seattle, Washington. In the case of our ingredients that come from India, we have personally travelled to the farms to meet with the farmers and their families to ensure they have proper access to water and schooling. These exploratory investments are paramount to our success as a brand. We want our philanthropic efforts to have the same positive and rewarding impact that our products have on individuals.

Q: What are your plans for 2017?

A: The team is excited and eager for the New Year! We want to continue building those strong retailer relationships that will aid us with our sales growth. Our weekly demos at natural stores such as Sprouts Farmers Market have allowed our team to educate new consumers on our bestselling products, while establishing new relationships with cliental.

We’ll also continue to focus on growing our teams in NASCAR and the Off-Road racing circuit. These strategies have enabled us to reach new consumers and educate them all on aging beautifully.

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