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Yutongo Revolutionizes The Way We Create Ideas And Business Innovations

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Written by: Sandro Morghen, Swiss based entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of yutongo;

A successful business depends on a steady, productive and proven creativity and idea creation process.

We made the discovery that idea and innovation generation techniques practiced not only in small and medium companies but also in large corporations have some large issues. Although the maturity of innovation management procedures in companies is quite high, the process of creating ideas is not. Most innovation management standards are related to managing ideas, not creating them.

Remember: Innovation management hasn’t been invented by creative people, it has been developed by business people.

Other problems we facing today are web based tools for innovation generation and management which are in broad use today. Of course, there are a certain number of established tools on the market. We think that most of the solutions available in the market don’t cover the actual needs companies and organizations have, when it comes to their idea generation process.

Let me quickly point out what I think are the most important flaws current applications come with. First of all, many innovation tools are designed rather to collect existing ideas from employees, instead of actually enable true creative collaboration by providing creativity fostering tools and techniques. In fact, most tools in use have been derived from the old staff suggestion boxes that used to hang next to the factory’s time clock. In addition, the current state of art tools, don’t approach a creative problem from multiple viewpoints; in fact, most of the times barnstormers are left alone with a complex creative task. Coming up with ideas in such an environment can be quite a challenge for participants.

This is why we have created yutongo.

yutongo is different. Why?

First of all, yutongo offers an elaborated creativity process incorporated in the application. We look at idea generation not from an innovation management but from a creativity point of view. While brainstorming, participants are automatically guided to create ideas from various view angles by answering a set of sub-questions which can be defined for each idea project. Also, yutongo offers various creativity tools that make brainstorming both fun and a highly productive experience.

Yutongo Creativity Process

The creative process of yutongo offers two iterations. In the first iteration, brainstorming participants answer the above described sub-questions and create what we like to call «Idea Fragment». In the second iteration, the same brainstorming participants will be confronted with Idea Fragments collected by all participants in the first iteration in a playful manner. Now, they are asked to come up with specific ideas addressing the master question defined for the project (e. g. new ideas for a snack on the go) and to come up with idea combinations based on Idea Fragments. By using this approach, our customers make sure that their innovation project is addressed from multiple view angles and that the process delivers a high number of diverse and surprising ideas. Our process guarantees that mutual inspiration is happening between participants and innovators truly inspire each other.

Lately, we have introduced a radically simplified project setup wizard that will support users actively in finding inspiring sub-questions and let them setup a project in just 60 seconds. Not to forget, yutongo includes additional social networking and messaging features and businesses may create their own company page ( to collect all of their projects under one roof.

yutongo is free to use in a basic version and premium plans starting as low as 24$/month. We already have several thousand users benefiting from tour unique approach. Start your first project today!

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