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Zapstream Makes Live Streaming More Fun With Special Effects And Shareable “Zaps”

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Los Angeles based Zapstream is the first live streaming app with special effects and 15-second video stories. Users can add comments, text, drawings and visual effects directly to their live video streams in real time. Here is our recent interview with Devan Sood, Founder of Zapstream:


Q: Could you tell us, what is Zapstream and how does it work?

A: Zapstream is the first live streaming app with special effects and 15-second video stories called “Zaps.” When done streaming, Zapstream automatically combines the best moments from a live stream into a Zap for sharing with friends and followers and/or on Facebook and Twitter. We refer to live streams as “Zapstreams.”

To create a fresh look for your Zapstream, you can add fun filters like bulge or slim and color filters like black & white, sepia, or rainbow. Users can also change the pitch of their voice (e.g., like a chipmunk or baritone), doodle on a friend’s head or face, or place text directly into a zapstream. All effects happen live.

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Q: Zapstream is the first live streaming app with special effects, what was your inspiration for making it?

A: Our inspiration came from two important shortcomings of Periscope and other live streaming apps. First, there was no way to capture or share anything except what the camera sees. Watching the world through someone else’s eyes is a decent start. But it’s not very fun or engaging, especially for centennials and younger millennials. So we built Zapstream to allow users to do more and create the most fun and engaging live streaming experiences for both viewers and creators.

Second, there was no way to watch a quick recap of a live stream after it’s done. This is important because data shows most people don’t have the time or want to watch an entire stream, especially after it’s not live anymore. In fact, most Periscope users only spend a very small amount of time watching a tiny fraction of each stream. We believe that Zaps better meet users’ needs because they are short, fun and easily shareable.

Q: How is Zapstream different from other live streaming apps?

A: Zapstream makes capturing and sharing live moments more fun and social than other apps by allowing users to do more while streaming. Unlike other streaming apps, Zapstream empowers users to add text, drawings, and visual and aural effects directly to their live video streams in real time. Watching the pitch of your voice, drawing, adding text or filters is a much more emotional, engaging experience than just watching a talking head.

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Q: Who do you see as your primary target audience?

A: Centennials and younger millennials, especially 13 – 20 year-olds.

Q: What’s the coolest use of Zapstream you’ve seen until now?

A: We’ve been pretty entertained by watching everybody become their own Superhero. Kids and adults alike draw a mask on themselves and go around impersonating a Superhero. It’s pretty awesome.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: Our mission is to make the most fun and social live streaming experiences. We’ve started with iPhones, and we’ll be rolling out an Android version in a few months. We also plan to introduce a ton of amazing features, so keep your eyes peeled!

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