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Zaragsoft’s Product Hawkeye Aims To Help Developers, Testers, And Designers On A Daily Basis

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Below is our recent interview with Fredrik Zaar, Co-Founder of Zaragsoft:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Zaragsoft?

A: We are a few developers that has been working in the games industry for some time now. Inside this industry there is improvements that can be done on the development side and the regular work process.

The amount of work for every person is often too much, the “Crunch” periods can be long and the project itself can be very large. Our main goal has been to try and give more power to the employees.

This became our focus and with Hawkeye our first tool we try to reduce stress for the employee, give them better overview of their daily work and give them the opportunity of doing things more effective and in that process we want to reduce stress.

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Q: What is the story behind your company? How did you get the idea for Hawkeye?

A: In the beginning we started doing Hawkeye for the fun of it and to help ourselves in our everyday work. One day I was sitting at home testing some features and a friend of mine that is CTO at another company was at my place and just asked if we could showcase it for their developers. This is where it all kind of started. Our plan was just to have it for private use but now more than 5 years later the program can stand on its own and has been helping out developers for years now.

The idea itself came from both previous iterations of similar programs and the amount of data that developers are used to sitting with every day. On the internet you use google to find what you are looking for and the idea for Hawkeye was for it to be google but for your computer using filters and tabs in which you can organize and work more effective while still maintaining your original workflow.

Q: Can you give us insights into Hawkeye’s features?

A: Speed
Hawkeye uses all threads available to scan and load the wanted files. I have 100K files and it takes around 10 seconds to load and then your searches are instant. You can tweak your searches indefinitely with additional filters, specifying file types and the changes on your results are instant. No more going to the coffee machine while Total Commander is finishing its search.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by the scope of your project(s) or by features you are unaware of. Hawkeye gives you a really good overview over multiple projects and allows you to toggle on/off projects. Code files, .docx, .xlsx files. If searched for it will be found.

Integrate your programs like Visual Studio, Notepad++, Sublime, Perforce, Vim, Word, Excel to name a few, find your wanted results and open the file on the right line in your favorite program. We are not looking to replace your workflow, only giving YOU more power in it.

Focused Replace
Edit/Replace across your entire project in content or code files etc by using our built in tool. Your software has never been more dynamic, find the results you want to change, check it out if needed directly and change it throughout the entire project.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your pricing plans?

A: Anyone that wants to try it for free can do it for 3 months.

We want people to try it before they buy it. Then the pricing is from $35-$129 a year/seat.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: A first release of our Linux version is planned at the end of April, any developer that wants to try it can contact us for more information on it.

Visual Studio is also getting an addin shortly.

We try and focus on major releases every 6 months adding wanted features or try to develop for the future improving and expanding where we can.

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