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Zift Provides Integrated Payment Processing Solutions

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Zift is an integrated payments technology infrastructure designed to provide ISVs, marketplaces, and software platforms the ability to offer seamless payment processing services to their clients and users. Zift removes the complexities and headaches of traditional merchant on-boarding, underwriting, transactional management, and compliance, and houses it all in a single point of integration. Below is our recent interview with Nate Hughes, Co-Founder of Zift:


Q: How did the idea for Zift come about?

A: Quite simple really … we realized there was a major chasm in the payments ecosystem. Technology has been lacking in our space; The days of the traditional ISO seem to be numbered, and a major pivot in our business model was required to be ahead of the wave that is coming. That wave is tailored to the millennial generation with platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and others leading the charge. Zift gives all platforms whether smaller in scope to the largest enterprise level companies the ability to work with us at any level; from a fully hosted solution on our platform, white labeled “payments as a service” (Paas) to our entire code set in an on premise license of the product for larger enterprise level integrators.

Many of the largest merchant acquirers and processors have been running on outdated legacy systems for decades now, and our market has been screaming for change. We realized that Zift was the change our industry was pleading for, and the response has been positively staggering.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into Zift’s core features?

A: There are so many amazing things that could be said about the features and benefits to using our platform. Perhaps some of the greatest benefits arise from the very moment a merchant wants to use the system. I’ve listed some of those things below:

· Instant On-boarding – What used to take days and even weeks to set up a merchant account is now done in a simple, frictionless application experience where the merchant is provisioned and processing in literally less than 15 minutes. No crazy forms to complete or mounds of documentation to provide. ACH, credit and debit are set up automatically upon completion of our simple on-boarding experience.
· OmniChannel Payments – This is a true single point of integration allowing credit, debit, and ACH to be processed from multiple channels (retail, moto, eComm, and mobile), and housed in a single point of integration.
· Terminal Cloud capabilities – Instead of mind numbing terminals to download, our cloud-based terminal solution allows a merchant to plug in their terminal and the machine automatically configures our system on the machine with no programming needed. The terminal is also fully integrated with our system so all transactional data can be reviewed from one central location (whether web, phone, terminal, etc.).
· Payments Orchestration – Q2 of this year (2017) we will have the capability of funding multiple sub-accounts ranging from convenience fee payments, commissions, etc., and splitting those payments by dollar amount or percentage. We are really excited about this functionality as it will greatly assist the service related industries where payments need to be split out by sales rep, technician, etc.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Zift that people might not know about?

A: On the Zift platform today there are thousands of users, all within different vertical markets including but not limited to marketing, and many others. We have merchants and their sub-merchant clients using our platform that range from millions of transactions annually to a handful every month. That’s the beauty of our platform … it is scalable to fit the size and scope of our integrated clients.

Q: What are your goals for Zift in the future?

A: We see Zift being a major player in the ever-evolving payments ecosystem. We plan to continue innovating, building, and leading the way as the payments industry continues to change. We have modified our paradigm as being a payments company. We are in every sense of the word a technology company that offers payments as a service to its partners and integrators; and being a tech company, we will never be satisfied with the status quo … we will continue to excel in meeting the high demands of our industry and those who power it, with our innovative team and technology leading the charge.

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