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Ziggedy – The True Destination Site For Cause Shopping

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Ziggedy is a cause-shopping website focused on fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Ziggedy recently announced $1.3 Million in new funding. Below is our interview with Cassidy Neilson from Ziggedy team:

Cassidy-NeilsonQ: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Ziggedy?

A: The short version of Ziggedy is that we give nonprofits such as schools and charities a way to earn free donations from the online shopping of their supporters. We have partnerships with thousands of online retailers and when someone clicks through Ziggedy before shopping, a donation is earned to the nonprofit cause of their choice without costing them anything extra.

Q: How does it work?

A: Ziggedy users can select any registered US nonprofit cause to support. Every time they make a purchase by clicking through Ziggedy to thousands of online retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, a free donation is earned to the cause they have chosen. The average donation amount is 2.5% of the purchase price but can be up to 30% depending on the retailer agreement. The user and the nonprofit can track how much has been raised through their shopping on Ziggedy.


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Q: Does it cost more to shop through Ziggedy?

A: No. There is absolutely no additional cost or markup on items that are purchased by clicking through Ziggedy. All transactions happen on the partnered retailer’s website as they normally would if you had not clicked through Ziggedy.

Q: How does Ziggedy differ from other a cause-shopping websites?

A: Rather than being a simple pass through site, Ziggedy provides a robust set of features such as price comparison and deals for shopping convenience. We also provide additional value to nonprofits through our visual wish list feature that can be used to boost in-kind donations.

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Q: What is the response to Ziggedy so far?

A: Ziggedy had a controlled launch in which we worked closely with key nonprofits such as the Los Angeles Mission and Make-A-Wish® Orange County and the Inland Empire to acquire their feedback and their supporters feedback. We have recently launched more broadly and there has been some exciting early results.There has been a large influx of nonprofits signing up on Ziggedy and we are working closely with each of them to help ensure a successful Ziggedy launch to their supporters.

Ziggedy features best do-gooders and top causes at the end of each month

Ziggedy features best do-gooders and top causes at the end of each month

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our goal is to provide real value to both the nonprofits and their supporters. With this in mind, we will continue to enhance our deals, price comparisons, and wish list features to make Ziggedy the true destination site for cause shopping.

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