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ZinkerzTOEFL Helps Students Prepare For The TOEFL Test

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Developed by EduTech startup Zinkerz, interactive app ZinkerzTOEFL helps TOEFL students go beyond traditional test preparation. ZinkerzTOEFL includes full practice exams, practice questions, interactive listening exercises, tutorials and flashcards to help students improve their scores. Here is our recent interview with Ariel Weiss, Co-founder of Zinkerz:

Q: Zinkerz is an education startup. What is your startup story?

A: We wanted to make a real change in the education world. Our goal was to provide inexpensive learning solutions that would be accessible around the globe to those who need it most.

Zinkerz envisions a world where engaging and expansive quality education is available to every human on this planet. We want a world where students are co-collaborators in their own education, and knowledge is pursued through a partnership between teacher and student.

Designed to help students prepare for and succeed on their exams, the apps are gamified, adapting to students’ needs, economically affordable, and accessible on any mobile device. Breaking new ground in educational technology, Zinkerz aims to ignite a desire for learning in every student.

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Q: Tell us something more about your newest educational app Zinkerz TOEFL?

A: Our app is designed to help TOEFL students go beyond traditional test preparation. It accomplishes this by providing students with a comprehensive practice planner covering all four sections of the TOEFL test. The app is highly interactive and uses listening questions and flashcards allowing students to more easily retain test information, while Zinkzone, a performance tracker integrated in the app, helps students improve as they study.

Zinkerz TOEFL includes full practice exams, practice questions, interactive listening exercises, flashcards and tutorials to help students improve their scores in all four TOEFL sections. Supported on Apple and Android devices, Zinkerz TOEFL challenges, encourages and rewards students as they improve. Fun and affordable, Zinkerz TOEFL is also suitable preparation for any EFL (English as a Foreign Language) exam.

Q: What are the biggest benefits for students?

A: Students are aware that they need to study hard in order to get the high test scores they need. Unfortunately not every test taker knows where to focus their energies. Zinkerz gives students a road map that allows them to work on their weak areas while honing their strengths.
This is the only app on the market that takes a comprehensive approach to the TOEFL test by integrating all four sections of the exam material in one app. It surpasses other TOEFL preparation methods by allowing students to simulate the complete exam experience. This approach helps students get the strong scores they need on this critically important test.

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Q: Performance tracker integrated in the app Zinkzone, helps students improve as they study. Could you explain it? How does it work?

A: Our TOEFL experts broke down the TOEFL into detailed categories. We then measure the users’ mastery in each category by monitoring their performance in answering questions. In the ZinkZone – we show the user his weakest category in each subject. This should help the user identify what he/she needs to focus on while studying. In the upcoming version – the daily workout content will be personalized, so the user will get the practice he needs the most automatically.

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Q: How is the response to ZinkerzTOEFL so far?

A: We’ve been getting great app reviews. We have received several emails from users complimenting us for the app. In the short period that app have been available in the market, we have received a nice amount of installs daily as well as upgrades to our paid version.

Q: How do you see future of Zinkerz? What are your plans?

A: We would like to introduce a robust solution for online learning, providing recorded lessons by the community for the community. Our goal is to become the go-to place for students preparing for their tests.

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