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Zoobdoo, An All-In-One Online Property Management System For Property Managers, Landlords & Tenants

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An online property management solution will not only help you manage your properties and achieve your goals, but ultimately will make your life easier.

We are a team of experienced professionals from many backgrounds, including realty and property managers. We have created a very easy to use online platform where property managers can effectively and affordably manage properties with ease. Everything a property manager, landlord, or tenant needs can be found in one place – in a simple, easy-to-navigate platform.

One of the biggest challenges we had when creating Zoobdoo was to pack all the features landlords and both commercial and residential property managers would need to best manage their goals and make real return for less cost. That meant a lot of hard work digging into various methods and partnerships to build a quality software that really works for everyone.

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For property managers our main features include processing online payments straight to a bank account, accepting applications electronically & receiving application fees, running credit and criminal & eviction history.

For tenants our main features include paying rent online, e-sign applications & contracts, and automated maintenance requests – all of this designed to make your life easier.

For peace of mind, we keep all information safe with multiple firewalls, SSL certification, and PCI compliance verification.

One of the biggest learning experiences we have had while creating our software has been realizing that good things take a lot of time and effort in the making. If we wanted to build something that really makes things easier, help our users save a lot of time and change their lives for the better, it had to be done right. It had to be packed with everything they would need in one place, but still simplifying their user experience.

People rely on us to help them manage their businesses so they can make higher returns. That means we must improve constantly our product to the highest standards. In the future, Zoobdoo will continue to enhance the manager and landlord experience on our platform. No more worrying about tenants with no bank accounts, rent out vacation rentals, collect Homeowners Association Fees, etc. All of this while improving speed, lowering cost, and simplifying the whole process.

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In comparison to traditional property management practices, an online property management solution provides various benefits that can shape your business in the right direction. It´s reliable, effective, efficient, simple and user-friendly. With only a couple of clicks using your own personal computer, laptop or tablet, you have instant access to your business data. You don’t have to make a phone call or wait to receive your monthly payment or speak with a tenant in person. Everything can be managed online with a secured, convenient software. Not only do you have access to your property and file information and features to assist you with your business operations, your tenants can also have access to their personal information and specific features to pay online, to keep record of contracts and keep track of monthly rental payments. Doesn’t this sound like a great investment for both you and your tenants?

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