5G Network Market Leaders: Learn More About 5G Use Cases And Companies That Are Developing 5G Technologies

Learn more about 5G use cases and companies that are developing 5G technologies below:

Ericsson has played a crucial role in making 5G technology a commercial reality. They have a leading position in multiple critical areas. They are working on 5G standardization as well as its interperability testing. They have made the Ericsson 5G platform and impemented in 5G ready radios.

5G will bring machine-to-machine communication. HMS Labs published white paper ‘The Benefits of 5G in The Factory’ about revolutionary changes that are coming. Thanks to 5G and more automation, manufacturing systems should be safer, cheaper and more efficient. HMS in collaboration with Ericsson has created a portable measurement solution ‘Absolute Arm’. It can fully digitize the truck part, and then run a variety of applications on collected data.

The telecommunication company Three has demonstrated the world’s first live 4K eport broadcast over 5G in November 2018. And EE, the largest and most advanced mobile operator in the UK, has broadcast the 2018 EE Wembley Cup Final live over 5G test network using remote production, allowing anyone to watch it by tuning in to a YouTube channel.

EE also made the world’s first 5G-powered AI stylist. Thanks to holographic technology, they presented a digital supermodel Shudu at the EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs). Shudu captured all the glamorous outfits and shared these shots so that it could be accessed from home through an online chatbot.

Three has used its 5G network to power the world’s first 5G mixed reality runway show, during London Fashion Week 2019. Designer Gerrit Jacob enhanced his collection through Magic Leap mixed reality technology, demonstrating how 5G could shape the future of fashion.

The intersection of 5G and IoT presents huge business potential and service innovations. London-based cybersecurity company BullGuard expanded Its Dojo Intelligent Platform (DIP) with a software-based version that supports 5G. This way they enabled communication service providers to offer smart home security services to their customers over fixed and mobile networks.

With the high speed network capacity of 5G, Personal shopper allows users to contact professional shopper using AI or real-time 5G Video/Voice communications. The personal shopper who is physically located at retail store is supposed to recommend or help the user find the products they wish to purchase. The consumers will be able to observe the physical store and shop online.

Accuver support costumers in 5G network deployment. It has delivered 5G NR XCAL-M field testing software and XCAP-M data analysis tools to a leading U.S. Tier-1 mobile carrier and its 5G RAN vendor. XCAL-M and XCAP-M now support Samsung and Qualcomm-based 5G NR devices, both in sub-6 GHz and in mmWave bands.

ADman Media is a video supply-side platform that enables its users to optimize their inventory and maximize their revenue. Its state of the art technology together with our Artificial Intelligence developments allows them to optimize traffic sources for the best profitability on web pages as well as highly scalable data processing.

Affirmed Networks delivers the world’s fully virtualized 5G Webscale mobile core solution which enable operators to economically scale networks and deliver differentiated services tailored to specific use cases. Their solution includes 5G NR, CUPS, network slicing, optimized IoT Access, virtualized WiFi gateway, analytics and security services and others.

Alepo is a software company with innovative products for digital service providers, including fixed and mobile telcos. They are working on 5GCore Network, 5G-Ready Digital BSS, Seamless transition, and also on advanced policy and charging control, WiFi monetization, WiFi offload and more.

Alisys develops activity in two main areas: Engineering and Intelligence. On one hand it promotes digital transformation of organizations through the design, development and maintenance of customized IT and telecommunications solutions and integration with third-party applications. And on the other hand through social robots and artificial intelligence solutions.

Amarisoft have announced the release of its 5G software suite. Their technology accelerates the process of building software based products like eNodeB, Core network, NB-IoT and vRAN based solutions. Amarisoft addresses a wide range of customers from telecom equipment manufacturers, operators, telecom integrators, government agencies, universities and R&D labs.

Anagog’s JedAI technology enables advanced edge-AI capabilities that do not require pulling any personal data outside the phone. JedAI learns the user’s unique profile on the handset itself and enables prediction of future activities and visit to places. Users can benefit from better personal and contextual services without being required to share any of their personal data.

Another startup dedicated to the integration of CV and AI is OSENSE. The company’s core technologies include VBIP indoor positioning and navigations, image processing, computer vision and application software developments. With the support of AI and cloud computing, VBIP can quickly identify and recognize space, providing indoor positioning and navigation for the environment with no GPS signals or further sensors and equipment needed. They have also launched smart baseball stadium app which can be simultaneously utilized by a large audience with the assistance of fast 5G transmission.

Anritsu has worked on evaluating customers’ products in cooperation with vendors of chipsets and communications modules as well as terminal makers. They have various 5G measurement solutions and products including testing and monitoring solutions. Some of them like 5G device test, Conformance Test, eSIM, Field Installation and Testing, C-RAN deployment, Advanced Analytics and Telco Cloud Support will be the key test and monitoring solutions on display.

Aquifi, a computer vision startup, has developed automation solutions for highly repetitive processes in manufacturing and logistics. It uses Fluid Vision, a sensor which combines 3D vision and deep learning to automate enterprise processes. Fluid Vision is used for quality control, inventory maintaining and locating defects in products.

ArcSoft is a global leader in visual computing and artificial intelligence technologies across devices with major platforms – from smartphones, automobile, smart home, smart robot, smart retail to cloud based enterprise solutions. ArcSoft invests in the visual algorithms related to the multi-cameras on mobile phone, mobile 3D modeling, visual deep learning, AR, VR, and imaging AI. They are focused on more innovative software applications in order to help clients to offer more competitive and higher value products to the end users.

Artiza Networks is the leader in 5G RAN and core network node testing. Artiza’s DuoSIM-A is an eNodeB testing solution that will help the transition from 4G to 5G and lead to fast and smooth deployment of 5G networks.

Atheer’s Augmented Reality Management Platform helps the world’s leading enterprises to improve the overall safety and productivity of their customers in real-time. Besides Augmented reality management platform, Atheer is the pioneer of The Augmented interactive Reality smart glasses platform, with the Android-based OS.

Athonet provides a complete software-based mobile core for voice and data networks that runs in cloud. It has replaced traditional mobile core solutions with software based ones that can run on native and virtualized environments and its’ platform is a fully complete 4.5G – 5G mobile core. It is a complete dedicated mobile network solution that provides public safety, enterprises and professional users with the best possible Private LTE & 5G broadband experience.

B.Yond helps costumers to industrialize AI using their B-Yond INFINITY platform. An important part of the platform is their patented Intelligent Element Framework (IEF), a solution that represents AI orchestration and innovative graph theory for network modeling and visualization. INFINITY can also help in accelerating a 5G rollout with its design as a cloud native, agile platform that brings both AI and data governance to 5G networks.

Cadence provides a variety of 5G solutions. It creates high-complexity electronic-centric systems. Cadence helps in designing and managing SoCs on the most advanced nodes, analyzing RF chips, extending the battery life and designing the transceivers or PCBs. Among the other solutions, it has developed Tensilica DNA processor family that enables edge AI across a wide range of inference.

Celerway´s SD-WAN platform is optimized for LTE and 5G, and it integrates all devices from mobile handhelds to enterprise appliances and VMs. Celerway’s solution is one of the very few SD-WAN offerings designed with mobile networks at the core, instead of as a late addition and can be used on a wide range of affordable devices.

Ceragon Networks has innovative backhaul solutions that helps operators and other service providers worldwide to evolve their networks to 5G while increasing operational efficiency and enhancing their quality of experience and reach. Ceragon’s unique multicore technology delivers professional services and automation tools that ensures an efficient network rollout and optimization to achieve the highest value for our customers.

CEVA is working on ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and cellular IoT enabled devices, advanced imaging and computer vision and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets. Among its other products, CEVA has created NeuPro, AI processor family for Deep Learning at the edge, as well as The CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN), a comprehensive compiler technology that creates fully-optimized runtime software for CEVA-XM Vision DSPs and NeuPro AI processors.

Chip maker Qualcomm is promoting the Snapdragon 8 platform for smartphone-powered virtual and augmented reality headsets that rely on 5G networks, alongside partners like Acer, LG, and Sprint.

Comba Telecom is one of the leading solutions providers for in-building communications in public safety. They have developed “Smart Connectivity, Bringing the Future Closer”, which included HetNet, Macro Networks, Smart City, and Public Safety solutions. Comba has been closely monitoring the latest research topics and discussions to further incorporate our products especially in the public safety space.

Continual provides connected-vehicle manufacturers, mobile network operators and OEMs with a unique tool-set for analyzing and improving the connected journey experience. Using AI, their advanced solution, Mobility Experience Analytics continuously monitors and benchmarks experience profiles for connected vehicles, ensuring uninterrupted, superior-quality connectivity across all routes.

Dali Wireless’s SDN Radio Router™ is a cost effective, all-digital software reconfigurable platform. It enables mobile operators to maximize usage of existing infrastructure by transforming the front haul network from a hard-wired point-to-point network into a multipoint-to-multipoint architecture. Also, with front haul interoperability enabled between different vendors’ RAN elements, Dali provides maximum investment protection.

EVISTEL is a Telco software provider which delivers solutions for the 5G network among others. Their solutions are about messaging, WiFi calling, online charging, data enforcement: real-time Internet flow controls for data monetization and parental control and service orchestration: open value added service platform with advanced toolkit for in-house development of Telco services.

F5 provides solutions for traffic management, network function virtualization, advanced mobile architectures, cable and fixed networks, and infrastructure security. Their goal is seamless migration to NFV infrastructure with F5’s broad range of Virtual Network Functions and NFV packaged solutions. It helps to scale and simplify existing networks and to evolve to a 5G network.

Flytxt is the independent market leader in intelligent customer engagement technology. One of Flztxt’s products is Robo-X. It is a marketing solution driven by AI that automatically identifies every new campaign and constantly rates it. Robo-X triangulates campaigns, customers and marketing objectives to guide marketers with new campaign opportunities and corrective steps to improve the performance of running campaigns.

GranDen is dedicated to integrate VR, AR, and MR technologies into entertaining interactive services. Currently, GranDen’s services includes the VR music game I’m ready to Fly, and the AR and location-based services social mobile game AliGala.

Hitachi Vantara’s unique Stairway to Value model uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver tangible benefits driven by collected data. Hitachi’s Lidar solution offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights that helps create smart spaces. Its Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence represents the solution that gathers, unifies and blends data to provide powerful IoT analytics and actionable insights. The Hitachi Video Management Platform, Lumada Platform, Lumada Applications for Industrial IoT and many others are also among their products.

Hyper Immersion Technology Taiwan Co. Ltd. is consistently developing the 3D related technique. Their aim is to apply virtual reality(VR) interactive technology to every single family. Hyper Immersion Technology focuses on VR 360 video production technology, and also provides an unique VR live stream service.

Inbox launched D-AIM, its modular suite of software dedicated to AI. Because marketers must now cope with exponential data volumes and only AI can help them manage and decide, they have created a unique software that addresses all issues related to customer marketing. The mission of D-AIM is to enable CSPs to offer the best customer experience to each individual through AI and individual arbitration.

InnovArt Design is a startup that integrates design, technology, business, and user experience. Their goals are innovative intuitive products in order to compliment the user’s lifestyle. Its product, CarWink will connect drivers on the road. It is a highly interactive internet-on-vehicle (IoV) consumer electronic gadget which should improve traffic conditions, reduce road rage and personalize vehicle styles.

JMA Wireless is the first to deliver a complete, integrated, virtualized architecture to empower the new 5G ultra-wideband network into a wide range of venues and outdoor environments. Its PHAZR technology is created to provide virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) that utilizes 5G mmWave spectrum. Also, JMA’s XRAN is the only 100 percent virtualized RAN platform which radically reduces Network Operators RAN footprint and power requirements and readies networking for 5G revolution.

Maintenance company Efora has been developing AR and 5G technology solutions for establishing the condition of a machine and visual examination in order to prevent failures more effectively.

Metavision is an augmented reality company, Meta’s focus is not on creating experiences that distract or pull us out of the real world, but rather that enhance our natural environments.

Metawave is making autonomous driving safe. Metawave is delivering WARLORDTM Radar for safe Level 3 and 4 autonomous driving in all weather and operational conditions. Also, with its 5G SABERTM Relays and SABERTM, Metawave’s enabling rapid 5G and fixed wireless deployments.

Micron Technology is a world leader in innovative memory solutions. It the only company manufacturing today’s major memory and storage technologies: DRAM, NAND, NOR, and 3D XPoint memory. Its solutions play a vital role in enabling disruptive trends including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles in segments such as cloud, data center, networking and mobile.

MoBagel has designed and engineered Decanter, an integratable, automated machine learning engine. This AI engine contains more than 100 machine learning algorithms that provide fully automated data science solutions. It is supposed to help enterprises to quickly build AI-driven data solutions.

Mobilewalla’s proprietary solutions provides businesses with rich insight into consumer behavior, helping them to more effectively attract and retain their most desired customers. Mobilewalla’s cutting-edge proprietary compression algorithm, Microwalla, enables the storage, accessing, and analysis of 80 petabytes of data. Mobilewalla’s innovative audience discovery technology reveals Persistent Passions; which is formulated by exploring location, app usage, and change over time.

Movandi is developing fully integrated RF front-end systems to support a wide-base of applications ranging from base stations, small cells, and mobile access points. Movandi is accelerating the next generation of 5G and multi-gigabit connectivity applications by integrating its RF front-end systems with proprietary beamforming software in order to resolve the mmWave signal interference.

Narada has developed new products and solutions adapted to the 5G base station model, with longer cycle life and reduced occupied space, as well as load bearing demands. It is a backup power system with high security and reliability specifically developed for the 5G communication base station. The Narada 5G communication power system also adopts an advanced intelligent battery management system, which can remotely monitor the running status of equipment through the Internet, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.

Naru Intelligence develops AI systems for oncology. They specialize in the development of machine learning algorithms that integrate Real World Data in order to support and enhance clinical decisions. Their main objective is to improve personalized care through the analysis of each patient’s experience.

Netsia is an applied research organization, which actively works on programmable Software-Defined RAN Virtualization for 5G. They invest in new technologies and demonstrate the opportunities they have to offer. They also work on the transformation of traditional central offices to a globally orchestrated, distributed multi-access edge cloud.

Niantic is a world leading augmented reality company with an initial focus on augmented reality games. The company was formed as an internal startup within Google and pioneered real world gaming by making a new game board from the Earth. They believe 5G networks will bring advanced AR functionality such as real-time synchronous multiplayer AR experiences in a shared environment and persistence to the Niantic Real World Platform, and seamless experiences for their users. One of the games that is coming soon from Niantic is Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Nuance delivers solutions that can understand, analyze and respond to human language to increase productivity and amplify human intelligence. One of their solutions concerns automotive solutions and delivers an in-car AI experience. Nuance’s Dragon Drive platform enables a personalized experience for users by understanding their individual preferences. This includes a different sort of accommodation, from finding preferred parking to playing a user’s favorite song.

Olympus Sky Technologies an IoT security company, presents the Zeus Security Suite, an End-to-End IoT decentralized network security solution. Zeus is an efficient solution that provides protection and manage secure communication of network devices. It is simple and scalable, which means it can be easily integrated into existing IoT networks.

Pega’s adaptive, cloud-architected software is built on its unified Pega Platform that empowers people to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. Also, Pega has delivered award-winning capabilities in CRM and digital process automations (DPA) powered by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation, to help the world’s leading brands achieve breakthrough business results.

Penrose Studios is a group of artists, engineers and storytellers who push the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. Their aim is for their audiences to make an emotional connection through VR as a storytelling medium. They’ve developed games such as Tide’s fall and Allumette.

Pivotal Commware has found a way to focus radio-frequency energy directly at a moving target. They’ve invented holographic beamforming (HBF) technology which is powered by software-defined antennas that maximize capacity and coverage. Thanks to high-fidelity beams, massive 5G-like bandwidth could follow a person wherever they go.

RealNetworks has created a new generation of products that employs best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and secure our daily lives. SAFR is an exceptionally accurate AI-powered facial recognition platform for live video. Another RealNetwork platform is Kontxt and it is for categorizing A2P messages to help mobile carriers classify them.

Remix is building modern mapping tools for planning transit. Transit agencies take years to plan out simple bus changes – they help them do it in weeks, with significantly less staff. Specifically, they help them draw new bus routes, estimate costs, pass federal regulations, assign drivers, and measure results.

Robotack is an information technology startup that specializes in AI. They have products like Chatbot, an AI automated response, capable of having a human-like conversation with users by text or voice. Another one is Social Loyalty System, a structured marketing app that encourages customers to interact on social networks and stay connected. There is also a Robo-trivia Game, Social Channel Management and others.

SafeToNet is a cyber safety app that uses AI and behavioural analysis to safeguard children against online threats without spying. SafeToNet identifies and filters unsuitable content, dangerous apps, protects child privacy and provides advice to both parents and children in real-time. It works with mobile network operators and hand-set manufacturers to safeguard millions of children around the world.

SeismicAI is a world-leader in Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEWS). The company has developed a commercial-grade system which can detect any seismic activity and location of impact in 1 second. They have also developed an advanced “noise cancelling” model assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, aimed at reducing false alarms without compromising the system seismic sensitivity level.

SK Telecom has developed an advanced autonomous driving technology in K-City, South Korea. They’ve introduced Quantum Cryptography Secure Gateway and HD Map service as a part of 5G V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle-or-interface) technology. They have also demonstrated smart factory solution 5G-AI Machine Vision which automatically identifies product defects to show advancements at industrial sites since the commercialization of 5G. As far as AR and VR are considered, SK Telecom has developed the eSpace and T real Platform where users can teleport to a virtual world and experience diverse services. It is expected to be wildly utilized in the 5G era to create new value in diverse fields including interior design, commerce, education and entertainment. SK Telecom has also revealed 5G Mobile Edge Computing Open Platform and demonstrated diverse 5G services including Social VR and many others. One of their biggest releases is certainly the AI speaker NUGU Nemo.

Smart locks and smartlockoxes are coming from igloohome. Home owners will be able to grant access to visitors remotely with PIN codes and Bluetooth keys as they will be part of smart homes. They work with the igloohome mobile app and they have the ability to work offline.

Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect and manage IoT component, analyze data and predict future events based on AI. Software AG’s AI solution, powered by Zementis, enables operationalizing AI and other advanced analytic models without the time and cost of expensive custom coding. Zementis Predictive Analytics helps in deploying, integrating and executing predictive models with greater ease at a lower cost, which will ultimately help increase the profitability.

Springdel is offering an AI based Predictive Total Solution. Their goal is to solve the problem of operational downtime for Enterprise IoT by providing an AI-based predictive total solution. Springdel’s SPRINGMATIC is an UEM fueled endpoint management platform, designed to embrace the operating system and firmware of the Internet of Things by taking dynamic attributes from various kinds of endpoint devices.

START Innovations today is a leading developer of 5G-focused automation solutions for network planning, deployment, monitoring and optimization. START Innovations offering is fully committed to increasing efficiency of business processes through machine-learning-based innovative automations of the future. Its 5G-focused network development solution is called Agilarium. OSNP helps in visualizing the representation of any data.

Sterlite Tech invests in ‘Cloud First’ web-scale products that are DevOps-enabled and have in-built contextual Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is focused on digital engagement, digital BSS, programmable networks and intelligence software, big data-based intelligence and insights.

Summit creates content and develops software services ranging from VR/AR/XR for 5G Edge Computing, to RCS and Chatbots. Summit’s recent success has been the launch of their end-to-end IMS/RCS Platform. Their IMS/RCS Cloud enables mCommerce and A2P RCS Chatbots for Business Messaging by bridging natural human communication with automation and machine intelligence.

Synopsys is the Silicon to Software partner for innovative companies developing the mobile, IoT, and automotive products and software applications. Synopsys is making tools for deigning and verifying silicon chips and helps its costumers build secure, high quality software fueling automotive innovation. What’s more, Synopsys solutions for advanced chip design, silicon IP, and software security and quality are facilitating AI’s evolution from academia and mainframe computers into embedded applications that run on the devices that fit in our pockets.

TetraScience makes a software platform that connects scientific tools to the cloud. Their software allows scientists to access their lab devices from anywhere, receive alerts when thing go wrong, and store data from those devices in the cloud. TetraScience produces a small hardware module which connects those existing lab tools to the web.

The New York Times partnered with Verizon to launch a 5G Journalism Lab. They believe5G will enhance their ability to capture and produce rich media in breaking news situations and deliver more dynamic storytelling formats.

Timekettle is building a global brand of AI translators by integrating industry-leading technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Their WT2 Plus is the world’s first AI-powered translator that delivers natural communication experiences by integrating unique sets of advanced AI technology.

Virtusa is a global provider of Digital Business Transformation, Digital Engineering, and IT outsourcing services that accelerates companies’ journies to their Digital Future. Among other services, Virtusa Digital provides complete solutions for integrating cognitive capabilities into applications, products and business processes. Their goal is to develop distinctive digital consumer experiences, and rationalizing and modernizing their IT applications infrastructure.

Volvo Construction Equipment is collaborating with mobile operator Telia Company and Ericsson as its technology partner. For Volvo Construction Equipment, this means testing 5G enabled technologies at a test site in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Their aim is to improve autonomous and remote-controlled machines and develop site solutions that increase safety, productivity and uptime.

Warpin helps brands enter the VR, AR and MR platforms. It offers strategy, tech, conceptualization, production and post-test measurements to our clients. They collaborated with Magic Leap on H&M and Moschino joint collection to connect costumers with brands on a new level.

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