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Listen to this article - Preventing every security incident possible, a leader in AI-powered computer vision intelligence, has secured a $20 million investment from Allegion Ventures. This marks the largest funding from Allegion Ventures, raising’s total funding to over $72 million. The partnership aims to enhance AI adoption in security and drive proactive security operations., a leading AI-powered computer vision intelligence (CVI) company, has successfully raised a $20 million strategic growth investment from Allegion Ventures, marking a significant milestone in the physical security industry. This investment is the largest individual check ever written by Allegion Ventures, bringing’s total funding to over $72 million.

Transforming Physical Security with AI

With this substantial investment, is poised to accelerate its mission of preventing every possible security incident, aiding organizations in overcoming their most significant physical security challenges. This partnership is expected to foster broader adoption of AI in security, envisioning a future where stands as the indispensable AI-powered platform, driving proactive and automated security operations across various organizations.

A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Since its emergence from stealth in 2022, has experienced remarkable growth, achieving over 4X in top-line and customer growth. The company has reached these impressive milestones while maintaining a focus on capital efficiency and sustainable growth. Looking forward, is committed to expanding its partner ecosystem, enhancing integrations with other security products, and investing further in research and development. This will empower more organizations to effortlessly leverage the full potential of AI in their security operations.

A Visionary Partnership

Shikhar Shrestha, CEO and Co-Founder of, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative partnership with Allegion, highlighting the potential of a powerful AI platform built on seamless integrations with leading security technologies. Allegion’s President and CEO, John H. Stone, also shared his excitement, emphasizing the alignment between’s innovative approach and Allegion’s commitment to seamless access and a safer world.

Trusted by Industry Leaders has earned the trust of large enterprises across various sectors, including tech, energy, and manufacturing, with notable clients such as Adobe, VMware, and Impossible Foods. The company has previously raised $52 million in venture funding, with support from prominent investors and enterprise technologists committed to the transformative power of AI in physical security.

Revolutionizing Security with AI-Powered CVI is changing the game in physical security, introducing an open-platform, AI-powered brain at the core of the security apparatus. This enables continuous monitoring and analysis of signals from various security solutions, dramatically enhancing threat detection and response capabilities.

Founded in 2017, is a unified, AI-powered physical security platform that helps organizations reduce risk, improve security operation efficiency, and gain critical insights. Allegion Ventures, on the other hand, is the corporate venture fund of Allegion, investing in and accelerating the growth of companies with innovative technology that bridges physical and digital security.

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