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An Interview With Robert Bobel, CEO & Founder Of Cayosoft

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Below is our recent interview with Robert Bobel, CEO & Founder of Cayosoft:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Cayosoft?

A: I started Cayosoft over a decade ago with Andrey Polevoy, now co-founder and CTO. Leaning on our combined backgrounds at Quest Software and One Identity, Cayosoft was founded with a simplified, modern approach to hybrid Active Directory (AD). We wanted solutions focusing on managementmonitoring, and recovery.

Cayosoft delivers the only unified solution enabling organizations to securely manage, continuously monitor for threats or suspect changes, and instantly recover their Microsoft platforms, including on-premises Active Directory, hybrid AD, Azure AD/Entra ID, Microsoft 365, and more. Cayosoft offers the only patent-pending, instant AD forest recovery technology, delivering recovery in minutes, versus multiple hours, days, or even weeks with traditional methods.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Over 90% of organizations globally use Active Directory, so nearly everyone can benefit. Our ideal client starts with organizations that appreciate the correlation between efficient management and user security. For example, automated user provisioning impacts administrative efficiency, but it also has security implications. Human error, insider threats, and overprovisioning all cause unnecessary risk, leaving organizations vulnerable.

Cyberattacks are at all-time highs and IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. Also, attackers often target Active Directory, as it’s been the primary authentication and access control mechanism for decades. These factors combined put most organizations in jeopardy of AD outages. Cayosoft offers comprehensive solutions to keep your vital Microsoft platforms secure and protected.

Q: Can you tell us more about your solutions?

A: Unlike legacy tools, Cayosoft solutions are built with hybrid, cloud, and mobile users in mind, fully supporting an organization throughout its IT cloud journey, from on-premises, to hybrid, and cloud environments. Our comprehensive solutions enable IT administrators to manage, monitor, and recover their Active Directory environments. Manage by offering roles, rules, and automations for Active Directory user governance. Monitor for critical changes, risks, vulnerabilities, and threats that could compromise operations. Lastly, recover from simple objects up to multiple forests.

The two things that set us apart are instant forest recovery and the ability to govern AD users (roles, rules, and automations). Unfortunately, with traditional methods, forest recovery can sometimes take days, even weeks. With other third-party tools, it can take six to eight hours – and that’s best-case scenario. When Active Directory goes down, employees lose access to resources, like computers and email, customers lose purchasing options, and suppliers lose collaboration abilities. Every minute matters during an outage – that’s why AD forest recovery is crucial to cyberattack preparedness and why we developed Cayosoft’s technology to instantly recover your Active Directory. In addition, our solutions provide roles, rules, and automation to fix and prevent potential issues or outages from happening in the future. That’s the Cayosoft difference!

Q: What can we expect from Cayosoft in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: One of our key initiatives in 2024 is hypergrowth. To facilitate this, over the last year, we’ve focused on assembling a strong leadership team, with strategic hires in product, finance, technical operations, sales, marketing, human resources, and global partnerships. We’ll also be emphasizing channel relationships to bring value to market and help scale opportunities.

We also have an ongoing effort to continually improve and add value to our solutions. We frequently develop and release enhancements – last year there were eight separate releases for Cayosoft Administrator alone.

Another exciting project is a survey we’ve been working on titled “Is Active Directory Forest Recovery Taken Serious Enough?” We’re very close to unveiling the results, but I’ll give you a quick sneak peek. Key findings indicate most organizations are simply not prepared for an outage, but the likelihood continues to increase. This clearly demonstrates the necessity of our patent-pending, modern approach to AD forest recovery.

Q: What is the best thing about Cayosoft that people might not know about?

A: Our customers love us! We have over a 99% retention rate and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in customer satisfaction. We constantly hear customers say they can’t imagine life without us. They also say, we are a one-stop solution, enabling them to improve the administration and security of Active Directory and Microsoft environments. We offer comprehensive management, monitoring, and recovery solutions for Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Teams, and more, for modern organizations.

We also have an extensive threat definitions library, that is constantly growing. It includes attack patterns that are very user specific, as well as traditional AD-centric cyberattacks, like Golden Ticket, DCSync, AdminSDHolder, and many more. With Cayosoft Guardian, you can proactively monitor for these known attack vectors, allowing you to take corrective action possibly even before an attack takes place.

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