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An Interview With Tim Conley, Founder and Principal At The ATS Group

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Below is our recent interview with Tim Conley, Founder and Principal at The ATS Group.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to The ATS Group & Galileo Suite?

A: For over two decades, ATS Group has been the go-to team for enterprise IT organizations, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, services, and tools. Our expertise in systems integration, business resilience, cloud enablement, and infrastructure intelligence across various technologies, combined with a holistic, data-driven approach, enables businesses to cut through complexity, optimize costs, and foster innovation.

Our data-driven enterprise solution, Galileo Suite, offers proactive monitoring, optimization, and strategic management capabilities for modern and legacy infrastructure stacks, whether living on-premises or in the cloud. Crafted by industry experts with a deep understanding of complex systems management, Galileo delivers the visibility and insights IT teams need.

Throughout our business, ATS has earned the trust and loyalty of nearly 500 North American enterprises across various industries, including healthcare, federal government, finance, retail, and manufacturing. We’re incredibly proud of our sterling reputation, built on integrity, dedication, and unmatched technical expertise. This sets us apart from our competitors, and we’re always ready to help solve the infrastructure problems that others can’t.

Q: Who is your ideal client, and why?

A: For decades, the world’s top enterprises have trusted IBM Power Systems to run their mission-critical applications, and ATS Group’s solid foundation is built on expertise in IBM technologies.

Our ideal client is a Fortune 100/500 enterprise leveraging IBM Power technology. It is seeking a strategic and technologically savvy partner to address challenges related to aging infrastructure, tech debt, skill erosion, and the inadequacy of commoditized solutions. Our clients value expertise, customization, and innovation in pursuing sustainable growth and competitive advantage in their markets.

Q: Can you tell us more about your solutions?

A: There’s a reason that the most critical workloads run on Power Systems: they demand the utmost in reliability, availability, and serviceability. In today’s market, IT leaders are under pressure to modernize their infrastructure and migrate workloads to the cloud. The challenge for IBM Power shops is that it is difficult and expensive to replicate a Power Systems workload’s reliability, availability, and serviceability in traditional cloud environments (built on x86-based systems).

As a result, most organizations must choose between high costs, high risks, or both by outsourcing to people who don’t understand the platforms, overpaying for commoditized, ill-fitting cloud options from major cloud providers, or retiring the architecture altogether and executing a replatforming effort.

ATS’ Power Cloud solves this challenge and provides enterprise infrastructure leaders with a new path to modernization. ATS Power Cloud delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and cost optimization for IBM Power Systems environments of any size through a range of powerful features and benefits that help users achieve the following:

  1. Infrastructure modernization while remaining on IBM Power. ATS Power Cloud supports modern and legacy architectures running on AIX, iOS, and Linux in four distinct, geo-diverse, leading-edge US data centers, helping businesses gain the benefits of the cloud without having to re-platform.
  2. Ultimate flexibility, control, and agility. ATS Power Cloud offers fully customizable cloud solutions in various sizes, including dedicated private clouds, virtual server environments, disaster recovery, and colocation, giving customers a solution tailored to their dynamic business requirements.
  3. Optimized cloud sizing with cost clarity and accuracy. Through ATS’ enterprise monitoring and optimization solution, Galileo Suite, ATS Power Cloud provides 360-degree infrastructure visibility to ensure customers’ cloud environment is uniquely sized for their needs, and they only pay for what they need.
  4. Operational efficiency and maximum value from IBM Power technology investments. Personalized, dedicated support, included throughout each step of the planning, migration, and service delivery processes, means organizations never have to guess. ATS’ subject matter experts, who have managed thousands of systems daily for the last 25 years, work diligently to help customers optimize and extend their infrastructure without the overhead.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 12 months? What are your plans?

A: ATS Group is bringing our Ansible practice to the market, which represents the culmination of our years of automation expertise. We are proud to have been awarded the distinction of having not one, but two solutions certified by RedHat as Ansible and EDA-certified offerings.

Additionally, Galileo Suite is set to revolutionize the network monitoring space with an expansion that will redefine how businesses monitor and manage their network infrastructure. Combined with the powerful analytics and insights from our compute and storage monitoring, Galileo will deliver the unified visibility enterprise IT teams need to balance tactical and strategic needs with performance and cost considerations simultaneously.

With our years of experience and our commitment to innovation, ATS is well-positioned as a leading player in the industry.

Q: What is the best thing about The ATS Group that people might not know about?

A: The absolute best thing about ATS is our remarkable and talented team! They are not just amazing to work with; they are the driving force behind our ability to tackle our clients’ most intricate challenges. Our mission to solve the problems others can’t reflects the exceptional expertise and dedication of our team. By empowering our employees to prioritize our client’s needs, we ensure that every problem is met with a solution. This commitment results in exceptional customer satisfaction, sets the benchmark for industry success, and forms enduring partnerships with our clients.

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