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Electrify Video Partners Secures $85M Investment From Capital D For YouTube Channel Acquisitions

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Electrify’s Rise in the Media World

Electrify Video Partners, a media startup established in 2021, has made a significant announcement this week. The company revealed that it has garnered a whopping $85 million in funding from the private equity firm, Capital D. Electrify Video Partners stands out in the media landscape with its unique focus on YouTube content investment and acquisition. Their primary mission is to assist content creators in scaling their content across various platforms and to monetize existing content. They also have a history of outright purchasing some channels.

Impressive Track Record in a Short Span

Since its inception, Electrify has made notable strides in the industry. They have invested in five YouTube channels, amassing over 30 million subscribers in total. These channels have collectively garnered over 10 billion lifetime views. Their portfolio boasts diverse genres, including renowned popular science channels like Veritasium and Astrum, as well as the Lego-centric channel, SpitBrix. Previous funding rounds have also been successful, with the company raising $50 million earlier in February.

The Growing Trend of Internet-First Content Creation

Ian Shepherd, Co-CEO of Electrify, has shared plans for the newly acquired capital. The funds are set to be channeled towards further YouTube channel investments and acquisitions. Comparing Electrify’s journey with US brand Spotter and entertainment company Moonbug, it’s evident that the trend of investing in subscriber content is on an upward trajectory.

Capital D’s Strategic Move

Capital D’s investment in Electrify marks its first institutional equity investment in the company. Along with the investment, Capital D has also acquired a “significant minority stake” in Electrify. This partnership indicates a collaborative future, with plans to acquire more channels and expand the business. Capital D’s investment philosophy revolves around supporting “disruptive, fast-growing businesses.” Their decision to invest in Electrify stems from recognizing the company’s potential as an early consolidator of YouTube channels. They believe in Electrify’s unique approach to investment and channel growth.

What Lies Ahead for Electrify?

With Capital D expanding its portfolio with Electrify Video Partner, speculations arise about potential mergers and acquisitions in the future. Given the company’s history and strategic moves, significant developments might be on the horizon.

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