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Go From Design To Deploy Without Coding With Metavine Genesis Platform

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Metavine was founded in a 2013 with a vision to free people from the current software development paradigm. Their Genesis software development platform is open, fully declarative and expert-system driven platform which allows developers to quickly and easily form applications, micro-services, RESTful APIs, integrations, process flows and rules to create any type of enterprise-class Cloud or IoT based applications. Below is our interview with Scott Broomfield, COO at Metavine:

Scott Broomfield

Q: Scott, could you explain the function and advantages of your Genesis platform?

A: Metavine’s Genesis changes the software and application development game, forever. It is an open Cloud and IoT based development platform, which removes the engineering aspects from developing applications. This results in profound improvements in time to market, TCO and with exceptional quality because of our no bug environment. With the Genesis services architecture, people (not just developers) are allowed to quickly and easily form applications, micro-services, RESTful APIs, integrations, process flows and rules to create any type of enterprise-class Cloud or IoT based applications. Thus, through Genesis, application development becomes increasingly more collaborative and creative, involving a streamlined approach to performing cross-functional work that produces agile business results. Genesis empowers people and ensure that they execute on their digital strategy, enhancing their competitive advantage.

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Q: What are main benefits for developers and solution architects?

A: There are many, but three immediately come to mind. First, Genesis removes complexity form the traditional model. It means not needing to know about tables, schemas, SQL, or be a DBA. It means not needing to know CSS, PHP or even HTML, any longer. This is a little like giving a chain saw to a lumberjack that has only used an ax their entire life: they are still a lumberjack. They simply cut down far more trees. The second is speed. Along the lines of the lumberjack analogy, developers and solution architects are many times more productive. The third is quality. Because Genesis is a no bug environment, there is no way to introduce programming errors. It means that there are no longer issues with the quality of manufacturing application solutions. People get what they want the way that they want it. The implications are profound and I am left with simply stating that with Genesis, developers and architects become heroes in the era of digital transformation.

Q: Could you give us an example how you use it?

A: We drink our own champagne. All of our applications, except for our general ledger system, are built on Genesis: marketing automation, CRM, quoting, contracting, billing, ticketing, knowledge base and our Community Forum. No other company does this or is even able to do it. Plus, we can change anything we want on the fly, without any dependencies, because it’s ours and built with nothing but cloud based services, some call them micro-services. Moreover, as we build up the content within our Open AppShare we plan to make available all of our application solutions for free to our community.

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Q: What can we expect from Metavine in the future?

A: Metavine has two fundamental innovations. We have discussed the first, which is our platform – Genesis. The second innovation is our business model. We see a world where people stop paying per seat per month for every SaaS solution. We see a world where Cloud and IoT computing will look like an electricity ‘utility’ model, where people will pay for consumption of electricity in general and not pay for lights, entertainment, or their washer and dryer. Our solution to this is what we call the Open AppShare. The Open AppShare is a repository of applications, micro-services, APIs, templates and data definitions that people build, upload, download, use and optionally modify for free. Our Open AppShare has been in beta for six weeks and so far we have over 170 people developing applications using Genesis, adding solutions to the Open AppShare. We plan the launch the G.A. of Open AppShare by the end of July. If we are right about the future, and we think we are, the world of software will never be the same, with rather profound industry implications.

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Q: What advantage does Metavine have over its competitors?

A: We don’t like talking about competition because we employ a unique approach. It would be a little like trying to compare an internal combustion engine to people who have only known steam engines. That is actually an interesting analogy, as the biggest impact for the internal combustion was not how it compared to steam, but the fact that internal combustion meant that people could travel on roads and the roads could be built to go anywhere. That all being said, and to answer your question directly, we are the first true, fully declarative (meaning visual) environment that operates at enterprise scale. This ensures that people create Cloud and IoT solutions at an unprecedented rate. So we designed the Genesis platform and our Open AppShare marketplace to ensure maximum sharing and, therefore, maximum adoption.

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