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HomeToGo Raises $20 Million To Grow International Presence And Accelerate Product Innovation

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HomeToGo has more than 6.5 million vacation rental offers from over 250 partners worldwide. With the site’s smart filtering function, users can find their ideal vacation rental by sorting according to their preferred destination, travel dates, budget and amenities. The company has recently raised $20 Million Series B funding round to expand its international presence.

Below is our interview with Camaley Jennings, U.S. Country Manager at HomeToGo:

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Q: Camaley, tell us how the idea to create HomeToGo was born?

A: HomeToGo Served by large home-share companies, the U.S. online travel industry is fragmented in regards to vacation rentals with hundreds of companies in the U.S. alone. Searching and comparing vacation rentals can be time consuming and confusing due to overlapping inventory and booking fees. In January 2014, three travel technology, tourism, and e-commerce veterans sought out to fix this problem. The impressive trio, Wolfgang Heigl, Dr. Patrick Andrä, and Nils Regge, set out to create a metasearch that eliminates this cumbersome process, aiming to make the search for vacation rentals easy for travelers.

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Q: Tell us something more about HomeToGo and your services?

A: HomeToGo has more than 6.5 million offers from over 250 partners worldwide. With the site’s smart filtering function, users can find their ideal vacation rental by sorting according to their preferred destination, travel dates, budget and amenities. There are additional features such as finding pet friendly rentals or vacation homes with a pool. Interested in vacationing near the ocean or want to be close to all the action? HomeToGo also offers ‘distance to water’ and ‘distance to city center’ options. Once an desired property is found, the user simply clicks on the property and is redirected to the respective partner’s website to complete the booking process.

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Q: What are main benefits of using HomeToGo platform?

A: How is it different than existing platforms? HomeToGo aims to be a leader in metasearch technology. As the site is a search engine, emphasis is put on making the website not only user friendly, but comprehensive for the traveler. HomeToGo places listings on a map using geotagging, allowing for users to look for available vacation home options within a neighborhood or in the proximity of a selected city they’re interested in. Geotagging also facilitates the detection of duplicate properties, meaning, no home will be represented more than once. Thanks to the partners that diligently accumulate and manage listings, the HomeToGo’s site is fresh and reflects the most up to date properties, allowing the travel site to be a leader in the market. Our main technological assets are our algorithms. They help users by sorting our large inventory, giving them the best results regarding location, quality, price, and availability. We manage to provide users with the best quality listings. The site also offers 3.8 million instantly bookable accommodations, the world’s largest range of directly bookable rentals.

Q: You’ve recently raised a $20 million funding round, what are your plans?

A: We are thrilled to have completed such a successful Series B funding round. The growth capital that was led by the New York-based Insight Venture Partners along with Series A funders Acton Capital Partners and DN Capital, will be used to further international expansion and accelerate product innovation.

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Q: What can we expect from HomeToGo in next six months?

A: You can expect strategic growth not only in the next six months, but for the near foreseeable future. We are planning to not only grow our team, but to expand our international presence as well. We also are always evolving our technology, so be on the lookout for exciting new features.

Last Updated on May 24, 2016

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