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LocalHitz – Create A Website From Your Facebook Page In 30 Seconds

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LocalHitz is an app that allows you to convert your Facebook page into a fully functional website. The guys from LocalHitz use a patent pending algorithm to auto tags posts and photos with keywords so you can be sure that your website will be noticed by search engines. Below is our recent interview with Adam Webber, Co-Founder of LocalHitz:

adam-webberQ: LocalHitz is business marketing software that converts a company’s Facebook page into a website, what inspired you to start working on it? 

A: What most people don’t know is that LocalHitz is a pivoted company/product. Vic (Co-Founder – Vic Rotelli) and I had developed an automated PPC buying platform for small businesses who didn’t have huge budgets to spend on Google/Yahoo/Bing. What we discovered was that for most business owners time was their most valuable asset and they didn’t have the budgets to spend on costly website services. Many times business owners were overwhelmed and frustrated with all the complexities of creating a website, updating it, dealing with all of companies that “optimize” your site for Google… all this was a daunting experience.

The lightbulb went off when we saw a trend with how business owners where using Facebook to reach out to their audience and keep their community updated. Facebook was so simple for business owners to use. We decided to just plug into Facebook and let the magic happen from there. By using Facebook to add all their business information to we tapped into a way to create websites that worked for businesses. Now any time a business wanted a website all they needed was a Facebook page. You can get that up and running in no time – many times the owners kids could even do that. Then whenever the business wanted to update their website, all they needed to do was add content to Facebook and never worry about their website. Our technology did the rest. Facebook is a visual platform that allowed business to send out information about their business with photos or videos attached.

It was a perfect fit because we are data guys and all the data that business owners need to create, update, and run a professional business website was waiting right there inside of Facebook. All we needed to do was build the tools that allowed business owners to publish content to Facebook and then pull the content and work they did onto a website. All the data points where inside of Facebook: Business Name, address, phone number and contact information, images. We figured the easiest solution for creating a website was to pull from Facebook’s trove of information and content. This process connects with people and builds an audience for a business on social media while updating and managing a website at the same time. Instead of leading a camel to water – we brought water to the camel.

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Q: How would you describe the biggest benefits of using it?

A: It’s easy, fast, looks great, while saving business owners time and money.

The amazing thing is the progression of websites on the web. You started with the selected few nerds who figured out how to build a website, then more people learned basic coding languages HTML/PHP and could code you a site, then frameworks like WordPress helped more people get websites even faster, then companies like Wix came along and helped people do-it-yourself and get up and running even faster… LocalHitz is the next step in this evolution of websites… we are even better and faster then anything else out there. By tapping into data that is already on Facebook your site is up and running in seconds. By posting new content to Facebook, you update your website… fast, easy, and good looking – sounds like a great date right :)

Q: What’s the coolest use of LocalHitz you’ve seen? 

A: I haven’t seen anything that is extra-ordinary. I would be excited to see a marketing agency figure out some creative ways to use the platform. But for now our mission is to serve and help small business power their website. So for example, there is a Classic Car business that uses the platform and they do a great job posting photos and fun news facts to Facebook. They are engaging an audience and updating their website at the same time. Their site looks amazing and the best thing for them is that they never need to touch it… the website was set up in seconds and simply posting to Facebook does all the work.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: For me, seeing is believing. So we built a “see it in 30 seconds” tool where you can enter in your Facebook URL and in 30 seconds your site is built in front of your eyes.

  1. Just go to Facebook
  2. Copy your URL
  3. Go to our website and paste your Facebook URL into the demo tool and 30 seconds later you can see it yourself.

Signup and any time you update Facebook > our technology will update your site. It’s such a simple and easy process that I don’t know what else to say.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The future is the most exciting thing for us. We are about to roll out newly designed themes so customers have more options for styles and layouts, more plugins that connect other social assets like Soundcloud, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, Shopping Carts, and a lot more.

We are continuing to build on top of the platform making it better each day. We love what we are building every day and have big ideas and plans, so we are just excited to see what we come up with next.

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