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SharePath 4.0 Delivers Improved Search And New Features That Empower Enterprise IT Customers

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Correlsense SharePath software enables organizations to efficiently isolate problems in real-time and deliver customer value by ensuring that all critical applications perform effectively. We talked with Founder and CEO of Correlsense, Lanir Shacham about recently released SharePath 4.0 and their main competitive advantages.

Lanir Shacham correlsense

Q: What’s the best thing about Correlsense that people might not know about?

A: We really enjoy what we do; and due to our passion, small teams, and some of the best experts in the market, we are able to create new and better IT application tools every day. We have always been at the forefront of innovation in our market. We were the first to introduce JavaScript automatic injection at the web-server level using an agent, so our customers could measure real-user experience as opposed to synthetic monitoring as was common a few years back. We were also the first to introduce a whole new concept of binary interception, and only now are there a few other vendors trying to reach this level of granularity, usually with less success.

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Q: You’ve recently announced great results in Q4/2015, tell us something more?

A: Our success can be attributed to a number of factors including a combination of product maturity, market awareness, and a wider ecosystem of distributors. In addition, we’re currently working on a new adaptation of APM tools that will answer the growing need to monitor more complex next-generation application architecture.

Q: What makes Correlsense unique in the market?

A: SharePath empowers IT Operations to apply APM to their entire application stack, and is not limited to Java, .Net, and PHP applications. It is used to monitor and trace through web-servers, proxy-servers, rich-clients, C/C++ based applications, VDI technology, service buses, and more. For this reason, SharePath is the only proven working APM solution for production environments that provides full transaction tracing across all software components, from the user click to the very last call within packaged applications such as Oracle Forms, Oracle Applications, Siebel, Documentum, and more. While other vendors may claim to support transaction monitoring across non-Java elements, they do not actually do so, and they therefore do not support client-side Oracle Forms (complex Java applets), Oracle Forms application servers, or Documentum application servers.

Correlsense SharePath solves a very complex problem that cannot be overcome by other vendors. It uses unique sophisticated technology, yet is still easy to implement and use. SharePath implementation does not require detailed understanding of the application and application code, and any organization with multiple applications or crucial applications that combine a number of technologies will benefit tremendously from our product.

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Q: You’ve recently released SharePath 4.0, what are main benefits of your new version?

A: SharePath 4.0 offers dramatically improved search functionality to enhance the user experience, while also adding new features that empower enterprise IT customers.

SharePath 4.0 also includes an upgraded user interface, workflow-rules engine and search engine. The biggest improvement however is to the Application and Transaction topology maps as multiple application problems are now made apparent immediately, and transaction groups that facilitate the monitoring of a series of user transactions as unified business processes can now be created. In addition, the Transaction SLA-compliance was improved, and the ability to search by sessions and isolate transactions by session with advanced filtering features was added.

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Q: Correlsense offers real-user monitoring of applications; in terms of technology how do you see the enterprise user monitoring landscape developing?

A: The biggest real-user monitoring challenge comes from supporting non-browser based clients, since these require special instrumentation, much like the server-based application components.

Enterprises will see an increase in mobile endpoints being used by employees as a result of increased use of mobile devices inside the organization, as well as the acceptance of the BYOD trend. This will require APM tools to support native-mobile applications in addition to browser-based applications.

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