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Startup Linkredirector – New Way To Manage Your Links

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Linkredirector is a URL shortener with unlimited ability to route internet traffic based on the user profile and telemetry, such as: device, OS, browser version, country and operator. Here is our recent interview with Bogdan Grishin from Linkredirector team:

Q: What is Linkredirector?

A: Linkredirector lets you create dynamic short links that forward your visitors to the correct destination depending on what device they use, what country they are from and much more.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Linkredirector?

A: With a background in the mobile industry, it became apparent to us that linking to something isn’t as straight forward as it once was. Content is often spread out over different web pages and app stores. And while most businesses uses some analytics solutions, there are often big gaps in knowledge around what kind of devices the customers use.

We started Linkredirector with a mission to solves these problems, and many more, by providing links that will forward your visitors to correct destination depending on what device they use, what country they are from and much more.

Soon after we started our journey and got first early adopters on-board we realized true potential for our technology, as the time goes by and we get new partners we discover new markets and applications for our product. It is truly a remarkable feeling!

Q: What you do that most other URL shorteners can’t do?

A: Linkredirector is a dynamic URL shortener. You can change the destination of your short links at any time.
– You can send visitors to different destinations depending on their properties
– A/B test by sending a percentage of your visitors to a new destination.
– Export detailed aggregated statistics with device, browser and operating system breakdown.
– Forward query strings. If you link to “” it will forward the parameters and result in “”
– You can use different URLs for one short link to make it more appealing to local markets. Like “” and “”.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: We’ve been getting extremely positive feedback from our users. Our main focus is to grow our user base by making sure that our product is very easy to use and to improve our communications on how we can solve many day to day marketing problems.

Q: What can we expect from Linkredirector in the future?

A:The concept of dynamic links opens up a lot new opportunities to manage traffic, things that were very hard for marketers to do before. We have a quite a few features in the pipeline that will be built around this concept. Hopefully in the near future, we can make our API’s public for developers to join us in providing interesting features for our users.

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