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The Ad Firm Empowers Online Businesses To Explode Revenues Through Effective SEO And PPC Advertising Services

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The Ad Firm is a transparent, full-service digital agency headquartered in Irvine, California. They help business owners attract website traffic and convert offers by providing them with proven advertising strategies that they can take to the bank.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to you and your company, The Ad Firm?

A: I’m Kevin Heimlich, the CEO of The Ad Firm, a San Diego PPC Management Company. My business philosophy is to “Provide a great service that promotes and increases client’s revenue.” We have been doing business in Southern California for 11 years and focus on SEO and PPC.

Q: What key benefits does your business offer customers in the marketing space?

A: Our experts use some of the best practices in digital marketing to increase our customer’s business revenue. We aim to increase our client’s revenues with comprehensive SEO and PPC advertising to attract website traffic and convert offers. We can also assist businesses starting from scratch by building robust websites and setting up effective email marketing campaigns. In short, we provide our customers with the right mix of services to build a prosperous online business. Besides taking care of the technical details of marketing, we also strive to go beyond expectations/ Our SEO services include keyword research, organic SEO, on-page SEO, and link building strategies. After building a PPC campaign, our marketing reports keep our customers informed about everything we do.

Q: Do you help customers who have a business plan but have not started their business yet?

A: Yes, we do! We build websites and set up their email marketing. Our web design services leverage the flexibility of WordPress to build business sites, membership sites, and eCommerce sites. Our email marketing services set up our customers’ email marketing campaigns, and we provide many services, like customer funneling, email templates, message creation, marketing automation, segmentation, A/B testing, and statistical reports. We also assist customers with call-to-action marketing messages as well as make sure their online newsletter subscribers can access these emails on tablets or smartphones.

Q: What can you tell us about your customers?

A: We help entrepreneurs who have big dreams for their businesses. We offer them the right mix of advertising rocket fuel to take their business to the next level. Some of our clients have been Cosmopolitan, Clear Channel, Cash Call, Massage Envy, Allergan, and Stem Cyte. In a nutshell, we love working with people who have a grand vision for their business.

Q: Can you share some customer success stories?

A: We have taken clients earning 4,000 per lead to 400,000 per lead. We have taken clients that struggled to make $100,000 a year to earn over $3,000,000 a year. And we have taken clients that were only getting ten phone calls a month to receiving a thousand calls a month.

Q: Ad Firm has received many business awards, can you tell us about a few?

A: We received the 2020 Best SEO Agencies in Oceanside award. ranked The Ad Firm as one of the top San Diego SEO companies after reviewing our SEO process. They evaluated us on such things as client requirements, website analysis and optimization, content writing, and keyword research, SEO submission, link building, and reporting. UpCity also ranked us as one of the top digital agencies in Irvine and Austin.

Q: What is happening now in SEO? It seems to be changing rapidly.

A: SEO is shifting away from mediocre SEO companies to analytical companies. There is a growing gap between firms that use general SEO techniques to those that rely on science. A scientific approach relies on systematic observation. It measures changes in results. It experiments, formulates, tests, and modifies hypotheses. Only a decade ago, clients didn’t even know that their business needed SEO. Now that’s obvious. We plan to continue to be an example of the benefits of working with a transparent and honest company. Customers recognize that we can serve them better than an SEO company with little or no data analysis, and they also appreciate our transparency because we show them that SEO is science, not magic.

All in all, The Ad Firm believes in the philosophy of using a scientific approach to measure what works so that customers know exactly how to optimize their sales.

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