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The Next Generation Of Fire Sprinklers: Sparx’s Smart Sprinkler System

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Below is our recent interview with Cassie DeNunzio, CEO at Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.?

A: Sure! Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is a fire protection technology company revolutionizing the fire sprinkler industry. We’re designing products to respond to fires faster and smarter than ever before. Unlike conventional fire sprinklers that activate solely upon reaching a specific temperature threshold, our technology seamlessly integrates with traditional fire sprinkler systems to speed up their response to fires through multiple sensors including smoke, flame, gas, and temperature sensors for fast fire detection. Our products wirelessly communicate with one another, and our system can make informed decisions to activate multiple fire sprinklers at once to best fight the fire.

Our technology’s foundation is attributed to a patent-licensing agreement we have with Sparx Technologies, LLC. Our system is known as the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System, and we are currently in the research and development phase. We’re excited to share that we’ve recently introduced the first version of our system prototype. You can find videos demonstrating our prototype on our website’s homepage at This achievement marks a significant milestone for us, and we’re eager to keep advancing our technology.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our ideal client is the large commercial retailer looking to increase their storage capacity and efficiency in warehouse settings. Warehouse ceiling heights have increased over the years and are continuing to increase as e-commerce experiences rapid growth. The ability to move towards taller ceilings is important to warehouse tenants because square footage is in low supply in urban areas and can come at a high expense. Many businesses are left with only one option: to expand upwards. The ability to store products only 4 feet higher in some instances can help a client increase their storage capacity by up to 25% given the same footprint. However, a significant challenge arises as businesses often find themselves constrained by the limitations of conventional fire sprinkler systems, which might restrict their ability to elevate ceiling heights. And that’s where we come in! The Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System is designed to open doors for businesses to pursue taller ceiling heights, denser storage arrangements like compact automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), the storage of hazardous commodities, buildings with unique architectures, and much more. We aim to serve clients whose requirements extend beyond the scope effectively covered by conventional fire sprinklers.

Q: Can you tell us more about your products?

A: Our flagship product is the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System, carefully designed to provide swift and precise response to highly challenging fires. It’s made up of a few key components including Sensing and Activation Units, a base station, and an installation and commissioning tool.

The Sparx™ Sensing and Activation Units seamlessly fit around conventional sprinkler heads and allow sprinklers to detect fires faster compared to conventional sprinkler heads acting alone. These units wirelessly communicate with each other and operate on battery-power. We made them wireless to allow for ease of installation and to help our clients save funds when it comes to managing installation costs.

Our system also uses a base station that collects environmental data from the Sensing and Activation Units and controls sprinkler activations. It helps monitor the network for integrity and reliability. We envision our base station as the “brain” behind the sprinkler system, skillfully determining when to activate sprinklers and where to direct suppression and extinguishment efforts.

The last key piece of our system is an installation and commissioning tool that allows installers to easily configure and set up the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System. We’ve hired a third-party contractor called Working Dev’s Hero LLC, a boutique software company, to help us on this front.

Q: What can we expect from Sparx in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: In the next 6 months we intend to continue refining our Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System prototype. We’re conducting internal testing on the Sensing and Activation Units to ensure their robustness and reliability. Within the next 6 months we also plan to unveil our base station and our installation and commissioning tool to showcase our complete Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System in action.

Q: What is the best thing about Sparx that people might not know about?

A: The best thing about Sparx is that we truly stand apart in the fire sprinkler industry. Fire sprinklers have long been mechanical devices with limited use of electronics and software. As far as more advanced systems that are on the market, our closest competitors offer hard-wired systems associated with substantial electrical contracting expenses and installation challenges. These systems also have limitations in terms of supported sensor data, typically accommodating only heat or smoke sensors, often as separate entities from the sprinklers. Unlike our solution, we haven’t encountered a competitor offering a wireless, battery-powered alternative that seamlessly integrates with conventional sprinklers while harnessing diverse sensor data. The Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System is poised to significantly enhance business, personal, and property protection – and we’re fully supportive of its potential.

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