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The Next Generation Recruitment Platform Recroup Helps Employers Find Top Candidates

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Recroup is the next generation recruitment marketing automation platform. Recroup allows employers to create, run and manage highly targeted web and social advertising campaigns with a single click. Here is our recent interview with Amit Chauhan, CEO and Co- Founder of Recroup:


Q: Tell us something more about your innovative job advertising platform?

A: Recroup is not a job board, it is recruitment marketing automation platform. At Recroup, we allow employers to create, run and manage highly targeted web and social campaigns with single click.
We convert traditional job postings into engaging banner ads and publish them on highly targeted website on the web where high quality candidate hang-out.

Q: What are main benefits of your platform? How it works?

A: Unlike traditional job boards, at Recroup we allow employers to reach out to candidates hidden from job boards. Companies are always seeking new ways to reach out to talent and we allow employers to do exactly that.

Employers can easily create a job postings and fill out few targeting criteria and simply launch a job advertising campaign for web, Facebook or cross channel platform.

Recroup is the only platform that allow employers to run cross channel campaigns in single steps. We have developed algorithms to auto adjust budgets to channels performing better.

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Q: You’ve recently announced a strategic partnership with JobTarget, tell us something more?

A: JobTarget is industry leader in job distribution services. Partnering with JobTarget allow employers to use Recroup platform from Oneclick platform.

From the beginning our aim is to build a robust partner ecosystem. In past we have partnered with companies like Smart Recruiters, iCIMS, Appcast etc and in talks with companies like ADP, IBM Cloud, LiveCareer etc.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are building a platform that is changing traditional job adverting space. We are working towards building a completely self serving job advertising platform that companies of any size can use.
We are also focused on building industry partnership to allow employers use Recroup platform from any ATS or HR platform they are using.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Recroup?

A: Employers spends thousands of dollar to find right candidate. But the reality is that top candidates are always employed and are completely hidden from job boards. This is why Recroup can help you by putting your job in front of passive candidates. With Recroup employers can step up their recruiting game and find top candidates.

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