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Intelligent Spaces Company Purple Helps You Transform Your Venue Into An Intelligent Space

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Below is our recent interview with Curtis Standley, Inbound marketing executive at Purple:

Q: What is Purple?

A: Founded in 2012 out of frustration for poor guest WiFi experiences, Purple has become an intelligent spaces company that specializes in WiFi, Wayfinding, and Presence solutions.

Working to help businesses from all industries survive and thrive, Purple’s solutions require 80% less hardware than competitor solutions meaning a more cost-effective method of creating intelligent spaces without losing any analytical insight.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: The biggest highlight for us is that VCU Health and Purple are aligned in understanding the importance of delivering a great visitor experience. By implementing Wayfinding to their campus, VCU has shown great belief in the Purple solution, not only for the short term but as their campus continues to expand.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Our cloud-based WiFi platform provides an overlay to a businesses existing WiFi infrastructure, meaning no extra hardware or cost is required.

WiFi Analytics enables businesses to get to know their customers through data collection similar to website analytics. By gathering demographic insights such as name, age, and frequency of visits, businesses can better segment their marketing to deliver messages that will resonate.

Marketing automation and survey capabilities can be utilized to drive customer feedback on how to improve the customer and venue experience than later influence their visitors’ behavior to boost profits.

All data collected about end users is completely controllable by the individual within the MyData Portal. From the portal, end-users can check their marketing preferences, and remove any data collected about them. To ensure transparency we have a privacy policy that has been reduced from 1600 words to only 260.

Wayfinding to enable end-users to navigate from almost anywhere to their desired location through the use of 3rd party integrations, our very own blue-dot app, and physical kiosks at Purple locations.

As well as these solution methods, Purple’s Wayfinding is capable of affecting the bottom line through location-based messaging which can be used to remind visitors of store updates, changes to routes, and of promotional deals.

The content used and insights gathered can all be viewed in our Management & Analytics Engine for intuitive oversight and control. Having all of this info in one place means businesses can asses patterns in real-time and understand how their customers are influenced.

Presence & Location for smart occupancy management to stay on top of the customers within a venue and accurate location analytics to uncover high dwell points, foot traffic bottlenecks, and product placement opportunities.

Our cloud-based platform provides an overlay to WiFi, 2D, and 3D sensor hardware some of which may already be installed. The combination of these technologies can enable businesses to monitor and control occupancy with up to 98% accuracy.

Further benefits of using Presence & Location insights are improving efficiencies and maintain a high level of cleanliness through alerts that notify staff when specific areas need cleaning. This further benefits their customers that have become increasingly safety-conscious.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Purple will continue to promote the benefits of intelligent space solutions throughout all major industries while working closely with existing customers such as VCU Health, to ensure they deliver the best venue experience possible.

Our plans like always are to continually look for new innovations that evolve our products, and in turn how our customers use them to benefit their business day today.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Every day at Purple we live by a set of values that ensure solidarity and understanding of expectations, to have each other’s backs no matter the region, here are a few.

‘Make it happen’ involves doing whatever it takes to ensure things get done, including working together and thinking of innovative solutions.

‘We’re in it together’ regardless of the role, each individual knows that in order to achieve the common goal of turning the world purple, everyone should be available to help each other.

‘With great data, comes great responsibility’ Personal data is a big thing, especially at Purple. We understand the value of information and take that very seriously by keeping staff up to date about security certifications and general tips for individual security.

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