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An Interview With Louis-Philippe Sutton, President At StatsRadio

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Below is our recent interview with Louis-Philippe Sutton, President at StatsRadio:

Q: What is the best thing about StatsRadio that people might not know about?

A: Most people believe we are a measurement company, as the industry is used to having. But in fact, we are a company that provides sales tools so that traditional radio can compete equally with digital media. The playing field has changed; 20 years ago, measurement was used to compare stations in the same market. Today, the real competitor is no longer the other radio stations, newspapers, or TV; the most significant part of the advertising investment of advertisers is in digital media. And this is not because digital media have more audience, but because they sell better. With StatsRadio and Follo by StatsRasdio tools, a radio shows the daily delivery of impressions by a traditional radio campaign like digital media. And we are still the only ones in the world to demonstrate total reach performance ( online and over the air).

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Q: Could you provide our readers with an introduction to your solution?

A: Basically, we have created a methodology and a technology that allows us to estimate the number of listeners of a radio station in real time.

Q: Why did you choose to fix this industry?

A: Many people ask us why we chose to develop a business in this industry, especially since the radio industry is stagnant and even declining in a certain sense. The answer is that it was ripe to be disrupted. In Europe and America, audience measurement was a monopoly market, and monopoly meant little innovation and low satisfaction. There is no longer a monopoly in Canada since we now work with the most significant amount of regional stations.

We chose the regional radio stations because they are the traditional media that have survived the best in the regions and, with innovation and new ways of doing things, can have a bright future. Radio stations are now the only ones providing local news content on the air and now on the web. So regional radio stations still have outstanding audience performance. With our tools, radio stations can prove that radio works and meet the needs of advertisers with relevant data on digital platforms.

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Q: What can we expect from your company in next 12 months? What are your plans?

A: Over the past few months, we have developed a self-serve ad-buying platform that allows merchants to plan, buy, pay and track performance 100% online, just as they can with Spotify or other digital media. We are currently testing it in a few stations. We aim to offer all our customers free in the coming months.

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