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Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting Delivers Flexible And “Out-Of-The-Box” Approach To Web Design And Digital Marketing

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Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting provides digital marketing and web design services for a number of small businesses and startups. The firm consists of many talented and creative thinkers and has helped various startups with their web design and digital marketing needs. Below is our interview with Anthony Neal Macri, Founder, Digital Marketer and Web Designer at Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting:

Anthony Neal Macri

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting?

A: I started my consulting firm after working in the startup space for over 10 years. I had the pleasure of being involved with over 20 startups in San Francisco, New York and Toronto. It felt like a normal progression to formalize it into an actual consulting firm. Since it’s inception I have been helping dozens of businesses here in Toronto and around the world with things like web design and digital marketing.

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Q: What makes Anthony Neal Macri digital consulting different from any other web design agencies in Toronto or the world? tell us something more?

A: I have a hard time calling my business an agency and even a consulting firm. Both are terms that I never liked. Eventually as a business I have to somehow define my business so that people can understand what is exactly that we do.

I am not too afraid of the competition. I am not an agency to begin with so I don’t compete with them and I am not a consulting firm either. Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting is a hybrid between an agency and a group of freelancers working together.

I work with over 15 people spread around the world, who love to travel, and who choose to work nomadically. These are the 15 people I met in my years of work in the startup space and are also the most talented and specialized individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We all decided to work together and leave the 9-5 life behind us, to do exactly what we love.

Agencies are old and cumbersome institutions that are meant eventually die out. I want my partners to live an inspired life and to create work that is just as inspired. Web design and digital marketing require inspiration, it’s what makes all the difference in the industry. I cannot imagine asking my partners to “think outside the box” while being trapped in a box, called office.

Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting is considerably more competitive than any other agency in North America because of our decentralized nature. We have no physical offices. The world is our office and we can meet clients anywhere. Decentralized means extremely competitive since we have no fancy offices to pay for and also more flexibility for the client.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: I am very picky of the clients I take on to help. I have made a promise to myself when I founded Anthony Neal Macri Digital Consulting; I want to love the work I do and I want my partners to love it just as much. Most of our current clients are startups who are looking to aggressively grow and bring their marketing campaigns online and offline to the next level. Whatever it takes.
Any business, no matter where in the world, can be our client.

We also have a portfolio of local smaller businesses that we help and manage. These projects are labor of love and we are always looking to add more to our portfolio.

Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: The plan at this point is to find more local small/medium businesses to add to our portfolio. If there is one thing we like doing is seeing smaller businesses skyrocket to success by using creativity and wit instead of large budgets. We love a good challenge.

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