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Listen to this article provides state of the art real-time bidding technology, bringing users much closer to the traditional auction block. The company uses its relationships with mine site holders, factory surplus outlets, and seized asset sources to constantly update their items inventory.

Below is our interview with Michael Stein from

Q: Michael, how would you describe in your own words?

A: Auction King is the perfect combination of opportunity and technology. We’re a live online auction site for high-end jewelry, collectibles, and fine art. Auctions have been around forever and have always offered great value to bidders, but they haven’t always been accessible to every shopper. Our format puts amazing deals on high-end jewelry and other luxury items at your fingertips with state-of-the-art online technology that brings you to a live auction in the comfort of your own home. Bidders can place absentee bids prior to the start of an auction, participate in the auction in real time using our online bidding platform, or both.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the addition of a live, streaming auctioneer for online auctions; tell us something more?

A: From its inception, Auction King’s goal has been to replicate the experience—and the opportunities—of a live auction in the virtual space of the internet. Adding a live auctioneer brought our customers a new level of interactive excitement. Our latest innovation, the launch of a chat function, builds on that to give buyers an additional advantage of the live auction experience. During the auction, buyers will be able to get answers to their questions regarding items up for bid by starting a chat with the auctioneer. Whether they’re curious about a gemstone’s quality, the rarity of a particular item, or an appraisal value, we want our clients to have the information they need to bid with confidence, and this feature facilitates that.

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Q: What makes a good choice?

A: Auction King has a variety of sources for its constantly updated inventory of items. We have relationships with mine site holders, factory surplus outlets, and seized asset sources, and we are constantly seeking out new sources for rare, high-end, and collectible items. We get our products direct, rather than from a middleman who marks up the prices and drives up costs for our customers. Thus, our service provides true auctions, not retail sales masquerading as auctions to give the illusion of a good deal. This means that, for example, Auction King can sell rare, high-end jewelry at a price well below its appraisal value, an opportunity you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, Auction King provides detailed certificates of authenticity from third-party appraisers on all jewelry and ships free to any U.S. location. In short, Auction King brings our bidders authenticated goods they won’t find elsewhere for a fraction of their retail prices.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: While our business tends to focus on the United States of America and Canada, our online format means that we are accessible to consumers all over the globe. We are happy to ship items won at auction to successful bidders no matter where they live; information on additional shipping fees for locations outside of the U.S. can be found at

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to our customers, whether through developing new features to our site or finding new sources for goods. Auction King is currently developing a consignment component to complement our auctions. Auction King members will be able to have their own jewelry appraised and sold online through our site, which will give them the opportunity to put their items up for consideration by our wide and growing network of aficionados and collectors. Auction King is also creating partnerships with Rolex, Henry Winston, and Bvlgari to bring even more options to our customers. Our satisfaction comes from helping our bidders find their treasures, and we look forward to developing new ways to do that every day.

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