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Marketplace For LIVE Talks – Jolt Raises $2 Million Seed Round To Expand Its Community

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Jolt is a marketplace for LIVE talks. It allows teams around the world to connect with professionals for LIVE content sessions through video conference. Jolt has been founded with the goal to help companies meet the constant need for employee growth and development. Below is our interview with Roei Deutsch, Co Founder and CEO at Jolt:


Q: How did the idea behind Jolt come about?

A: The idea of Jolt emerged from the inevitable understanding that markets are moving faster than ever before and current learning models simply don’t fit anymore. Current learning is based on an old assumption that nothing changes; that you may learn once and move forward in the workforce for eternity in Jobs that stay the same. Given the current pace of things, Millennials and the following generations will have to constantly learn in order to stay relevant – and we see that already becoming a great issue for employers everywhere.

To keep up to speed with the market, there’s no better way than drinking directly from the fountain of knowledge; instead of learning a profession, it’s a lot more about learning from professionals – people who are front-and-center to actually creating cutting edge progress.

Imagine connecting your team with experts from companies like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Lyft, Cisco and others on a regular basis for live, interactive learning sessions, keeping them up to speed and offering them ongoing growth.

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Q: Could you please give us more insights into Jolt’s functionality?

A: Jolt connects companies that are looking to learn specific topics with top professionals for live video lessons.

Every lessons is 45 minutes long, and is cast by video in order to connect people and knowledge from all over the world. You book talks with credits; and you may buy credits for money (the more you buy the less you pay) or earn them by giving talks yourself.

Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

A: Jolt is a marketplace, and as such has 2 types of users – demand (companies looking to learn) and supply (the professionals who give the talks. We call them Jolters.)
Buyers get access to top professionals from all around the world for as low as $400 per session.

This differentiates from recorded talks as having significantly higher engagement, and therefore learning effectiveness.

As for Jolters – the platform grants them the opportunity to build thought leadership, monetize their knowledge, expand their network and the joy of giving talks in topics they are experts in. They may also cash their credit out for cash and use Jolt as a means to monetize their knowledge.

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Q: You’ve recently announced a $2 million Seed; what’s your next step?

A: The first step is assembling a founding team of exceptional individuals. Each of them innovative, creative, and amazing at what they do. We’re half way there with half the missions manned. The next steps will be expanding the Jolter community while focusing on quality, working with more clients to learn how they learn, but above all – test everything. The next few months will be full of insights, tweaks, iterations and feedback loops, as we strive to find the best way to keep the millennial workforce relevant.

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Q: Where do you see Jolt in five years?

A: Jolt is built to accompany the future of work. As millennials are taking over the workforce, we can – and we must – engage in a more serious conversation about the way current workplaces are built. Jolt will be here to take part in leading the discussion; and in incorporating ongoing, effective growth into the core process in any company.

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