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Brainly – The world’s largest homework help social network

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Brainly team has a simple vision to inspire students all around the world to benefit from social learning. Brainly is social learning network created for students who believe that working in team is way more effective and much more fun than studying on your own. Below is recent interview with Jakub Piwnik from Brainly team:

Q: Tell us how big is Brainly at the moment?

A: Brainly has now over 25 million unique users monthly in over 35 countries. Their questions and answers are moderated by over 300 volunteer moderators.

Just over the last year we doubled our user base. This amazing growth is likely to continue, as we have recently launched new language versions. They include, which is an English one and already attracts 150k unique users every month, mostly from USA and UK.


Q: Could you tell us something more about Brainly History?

A: It all started with It was the Polish installment of the project. After its success we decided to launch new versions in order to get to students speaking other languages. It’s really great to see how this concept works all over the world. Every market we enter warmly welcomes the idea of social learning and it seems that students everywhere start to enjoy helping their peers. That’s really encouraging.

Q: Brainly utilizes a social networking approach to help people do their homework, how does it work?

A: To many people who are new to Brainly, it seems strange and they usually are worried that the students would only ask questions and never answer. Our experience shows that young people actually enjoy helping others. We managed to take the ‘fun’ approach to learning and thanks to that we encourage young people to compete with one another. Brainly has its system of awarding points, ranks and rankings. We give students a lot of ways in which they can prove themselves and compete. Many of them are quite enthusiastic about following their development and encourage their friends to doing their best in order to gain new ranks and be on top of the list of the “Brainliest Users”.

It’s important that the better the quality of the answers given by a student is, the more points they get. Users who ask questions can also pick the best answer. This not only shows which way of finding the solution best answers to what the user needed, but also awards the author of both, the question and the answer, with some additional points.


Q: Tell us something more about Brainly’s European networks?

A: Brainly is present in many of the European countries. Our networks are available in the following European languages: Polish (, Russian (, Turkish (, French (, Spanish (, Portuguese (, Italian (, and Romanian (

Of course those websites are not only used by the European students. For instance, is very popular in Latin America and is widely used among the Brazilian pupils. The biggest platform is now It’s used in Russia and Ukraine but also in all other Russian speaking countries. It’s a really big market and there’s a lot of students there.

We’re currently working on some more versions to come and will be happy to see more and more countries joining Brainly social learning networks.

Q: What we can expect from Brainly in the future?

A: Our plans are quite exciting actually! We definitely want to focus on improving our product – both desktop and mobile, as we see a great potential in the mobile market. We constantly think about how to better use the resources we have to satisfy the needs of students. There’s a lot the we plan to do and we’ll try to introduce some novelties even this year. But at this point it’s still a bit too soon to speak about the details.

Our vision is to inspire students all around the world to benefit from social learning. That’s why we expect to double our user base by the end of the year. And with our current growth, it’s achievable!

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