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Brandfolder Helps You Store, Share, And Showcase All Your Digital Assets

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Brandfolder is world’s simplest Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for storing, sharing, and showcasing your digital assets. The Denver-based company powers enterprise brands in technology, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, sports, and agency industries. Brandfolder maintains the highest customer satisfaction and fastest implementation time of any DAM in the industry. Below is our interview with Steve Baker, Chief Executive Officer at Brandfolder.

Steve Baker

Q: Steve, could you explain the function and advantages of your Digital Asset Management platform?

A: We have the most visually elegant Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform on earth. Brandfolder allows creatives and marketing professionals to organize, distribute, and monitor large amounts of digital brand assets. Product images, logos, press, fonts, colors — everything that makes up your unique brand is housed in one easily accessible location. Suddenly it’s simple for everyone on your team to locate just what they need, right when they need it. Other DAMs on the market require six months or more of implementation time and even an entirely new staff person just to manage its feature-heavy interface. With Brandfolder, you’ll be up and running in two weeks or less, and the platform is so streamlined and simple to use, you won’t need to hire someone new just to manage it.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Our ideal customer is an Enterprise organization that sees DAM as core to their business model. Sure, every company has a logo and official colors, but certain organizations have built a revenue model on the distribution of Digital Assets. Take Under Armour as an example, their products are available on hundreds of online locations. If they don’t have the right product images in front of the right online catalogs, it costs them revenue. Brandfolder streamlines this process for Enterprises.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: Our goals for the coming year are ambitious. As we work toward our vision of powering every brand asset on earth, we’ll be adding integrations and innovations that fill the existing industry gaps related to the lifecycle of a brand asset. One focus will be on our unique integration story. One focus will be on telling the story of the incredible integrations we already have. Our current integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Sharepoint, and Microsoft365 are huge selling points for our customers, and we want to continue to let people know just how much these integrations can empower them to do better, faster work. Our API has the ability to power product images and other assets wherever they live, from websites to mobile apps and beyond. Once our customers understand how to harness that power, the possibilities for brand growth are unlimited.

Q: What’s the achievement Brandfolder is most proud of?

A: That’s easy, we’re most proud of our customers. When we say “Strong Brands Live Here,” we mean it. Blue chip brands like Slack, Under Armour, and OpenTable consider Brandfolder the source of truth for their most valuable asset, their Brand. G2 Crowd will tell you that we are #1 in Customer Satisfaction — that’s no accident. Our Customer Experience Team makes sure you are up and running in weeks (not months), and ensures that your consumption users require ZERO training the first time they discover and share an asset.

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Q: What advantage does Brandfolder have over its competitors?

A: The DAM space is filled to the brim with “File Management Solutions.” That’s great, but at Brandfolder we understand the difference between a “file” and a “brand asset.” The differences are vast. It’s impossible to reduce a product image or a logo to a single file. There are multiple file types, sizes, and use cases that go into creating these assets. Brandfolder is built to cater to the unique complexities of brand assets. We offer a solution for creatives that’s built by creatives. Brandfolder’s ease of use cannot be overstated. It’s the biggest edge we have over our competitors, and one we hear cited when we have clients switch to Brandfolder from other DAMs on the market. They love how easy the platform is to use, and how it’s not bogged down with expensive, clunky features they never use. They also love how much they see adoption rates skyrocket after they swap their old DAM out for Brandfolder. We also pride ourselves on having unparalleled customer support. If you have an issue, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for a response. Our team will be working on it immediately, and will be in constant communication with you until it’s resolved.

Q: Anything else you would like the SuperbCrew audience to know about your platform?

A: I encourage anyone struggling through the pain of picking a DAM to check out product comparisons on G2 Crowd as well as to request a demo through our site. Now is an exciting time to make Brandfolder a part of your business. We’re growing so fast, and with that growth comes exciting innovations in the platform we offer. Not only will you see huge efficiencies in your workflow and a better, more cohesive representation of your brand, but you’ll also see a massive ROI. With all of that to gain, you want to be the person who brings Brandfolder to your company.

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