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Cleantech Company Specializing In Solar Self-Consumption Mylight150 Raises 100M Investment

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mylight150 - Energy Synced

mylight150, a French cleantech company specializing in solar self-consumption and smart energy management, has secured a significant €100M investment to expand its innovative solutions across Europe. This funding will enable the company to extend its reach, particularly in Spain, and delve into new market segments, including integrating electric vehicle chargers into its ecosystem. mylight150’s technologies, including MySmartBattery and GreenPlay, are pivotal in Europe’s transition to sustainable energy and managing the expected rise in electricity consumption.

The European energy landscape is witnessing a transformative shift with mylight150 at its forefront. The Lyon-based cleantech company, specializing in solar self-consumption and smart energy management systems, has recently secured a substantial €100M in growth capital. This investment marks a significant milestone, not only for the company but also for the broader push towards sustainable energy solutions in Europe.

Background of mylight150

Since its inception in 2014, mylight150 has carved out a niche in the energy sector. Founded by Ondine and Virgile Suavet, the company has consistently pursued its mission to make solar power a primary energy source in Europe. Over the years, mylight150 has developed a comprehensive suite of solar solutions, integrating advanced photovoltaic equipment, digital tools, and energy management services to create a holistic self-consumption ecosystem. This system is designed to synchronize energy consumption and production, optimizing both cost and comfort for consumers.

Details of the €100M Investment

The recent €100M funding round, co-led by Eiffel Investment Group, Azora Capital, and Andera Partners, signifies a robust confidence in mylight150’s vision and capabilities. This funding round is not the first; following a €2M seed round in 2016 and a subsequent €6.5M round in 2020, the latest investment propels the company into a new phase of expansion and innovation. This influx of capital is set to bolster mylight150’s presence in the European market, particularly focusing on the development and distribution of its pioneering energy solutions.

Impact on European Energy Sector

mylight150’s journey and recent financial boost come at a crucial time. Europe is grappling with the dual challenge of increasing electricity demand and the imperative need for sustainable energy sources. The electrification of heating systems and transportation is expected to double the electricity consumption of a typical European household within a decade. In this context, mylight150’s solutions are more than just innovative products; they are essential tools in Europe’s transition to a greener energy model. With over 30,000 installations in France alone and a significant market presence in Spain, Switzerland, and Romania, mylight150 is not just contributing to but leading the green electricity production through residential solar self-consumption.

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Innovations and Technologies

mylight150 stands out with its array of groundbreaking technologies and services. Among these, MySmartBattery, a subscription-based virtual battery solution, allows homeowners to store surplus solar energy for later use. This innovation alone can slash electricity bills by more than half. Additionally, mylight150’s portfolio includes advanced photovoltaic panels and AI-driven solutions like GreenPlay, designed to optimize energy consumption, particularly for water heaters. These technologies embody mylight150’s commitment to reducing energy costs and advancing sustainable living.

Future Plans and Expansion Strategies

Armed with the new investment, mylight150 is poised to broaden its impact. The company’s roadmap includes aggressive international expansion, particularly in Spain, where additional services like MySmartBattery have shown significant consumer appeal. Additionally, mylight150 is extending its expertise to new market segments, focusing on optimizing heat pump consumption and integrating electric vehicle (EV) chargers into its ecosystem. This aligns with the anticipated surge in household electricity consumption, driven by the growing adoption of heat pumps and EVs.

Challenges and Opportunities

Navigating the European energy sector, mylight150 faces both challenges and opportunities. The continent’s energy demand is set to rise steeply, driven by electrification trends in heating and transportation. This escalation presents a dual challenge: scaling up electricity production and optimizing energy consumption. Here, mylight150’s solutions are not just timely but critical. They offer a path to manage this upcoming surge in demand efficiently and sustainably, reinforcing the company’s role in shaping Europe’s energy future.

mylight150’s recent €100M funding is more than a financial milestone; it’s a testament to the company’s pivotal role in Europe’s energy transition. As mylight150 continues to innovate and expand, its impact on the European energy landscape is poised to grow. The company’s journey reflects a broader shift towards sustainable, efficient, and smart energy solutions, marking an essential step towards a greener, more resilient future for Europe.

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