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Cloudticity Shortens Deployment Time Of AWS Services Through HIPAA-Compliant Applications

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Cloudticity provides all the benefits of automatic infrastructure deployment by helping its customers design and manage applications for the healthcare industry. Cloudticity helps its customers leverage and manage Amazon Web Services effectively and securely.

Below is our recent interview with Gerry Miller, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Cloudticity:


Q: What is unique about Cloudticity and how does it stand out from competition?

A: Cloudticity helps healthcare companies design, build, migrate, and manage HIPAA-compliant systems on Amazon Web Services. We are an AWS Advanced Partner, audited Managed Services Provider, and hold the AWS Healthcare and DevOps competencies (all of these designations require annual third-party audit validation). Cloudticity is the only company in the world that exclusively provides HIPAA-compliant services for Amazon Web Services – other companies may offer these services as part of a larger portfolio, but at Cloudticity, that’s our sole focus.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: We have three main types of customers: providers, payers, and companies who sell online services into the healthcare industry. Our customers are looking to get out of the business of managing commodity infrastructure – we call this undifferentiated heavy lifting – and instead focus their teams on adding value to their problem space. In doing so, we’ve been able to help customers like Verge Health and Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services increase agility, decrease problems, and accelerate their pace of innovation.

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Q: You’ve recently achieved AWS Service Delivery Partner status; could you tell us something more?

A: At Cloudticity, automation is at the core of everything we do. We earned our AWS Service Delivery Partner status for the work we’ve done with AWS Service Catalog, which allows us to securely deploy entire stacks of pre-vetted applications into our customers’ accounts. Those stacks are part of Cloudticity Oxygen™, our HIPAA-specific managed services platform, built as an AWS-native solution from the ground up.

Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: We just wrapped up our HITRUST audit this week, then we’ll pursue the AWS Migration Competency followed by our annual AWS Managed Services Provider audit at the end of May. We’re excited to be adding machine learning and automated anomaly detection to Cloudticity Oxygen, and to continue building a richer set of HIPAA guardrails based on NSA/DOD STIGS. And that’s just this month! We’ll continue to grow, adding new customers and team members, deepening our relationship with AWS, and helping move the state of global healthcare forward.

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Q: What are the main challenges of developing HIPAA-compliant applications on Amazon Web Services right now?

A: Amazon Web Services is an awesome place to host HIPAA-compliant applications – it’s incredibly secure, highly available, exceptionally performant, while still allowing strong cost controls. We help customers address challenges around optimal architecture, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, implementing strong governance systems, avoiding downtime, and fixing problems when they arise. Using highly automated processes and architecture, we are able to deliver things that are typically difficult for customers to implement, such as high availability and automated disaster recovery.

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