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ConverSight Secures $9M To Boost Data Analytics With Generative AI

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A New Era in Data Analytics

Indianapolis-based ConverSight is on a mission to harness the power of generative AI to offer enterprises enhanced and swifter data analytics. The company recently secured a $9 million series A funding round, which will be channeled towards expanding its product offerings and intensifying its go-to-market strategies. A notable feature in the pipeline is the “MarketSpace.”

Investment Details

The investment round was spearheaded by Surface Ventures. Other participants included Techstars, Augment Ventures, Elevate Ventures, and several returning investors. This funding boosts ConverSight’s total capital to over $15 million. The timing is crucial, as many data infrastructure vendors are also exploring AI large language models (LLMs) to simplify data management for teams.

ConverSight’s Unique Offering

Historically, businesses depended on developer-generated reports and dashboards for data visualization and decision-making. This method was time-consuming, especially during the pre-analytic stages like data integration and storage. Founded in 2017, ConverSight introduced a comprehensive self-service solution for enterprise clients, streamlining the entire process from data integration to reporting.

Their platform encompasses data infrastructure, sourcing, storage (cloud-neutral), data exploration, transformation, and consumption. The highlight is the conversational AI experience named “Athena,” powered by the company’s proprietary LLM and patented knowledge graph. Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Athena responds to user queries with detailed and contextual answers, enhancing the analytics consumption process.

The Future of Data Analytics with ConverSight

ConverSight has already made significant inroads with over 200 enterprise clients, offering dedicated solutions for various functions like supply chain and sales. With the recent funding, the company aims to accelerate its outreach and introduce innovative products to redefine data analytics consumption. A notable upcoming feature is the “MarketSpace,” envisioned as a hub for enterprise teams to find a curated list of resources and solution templates.

Generative AI’s Growing Influence

ConverSight isn’t the only player leveraging generative AI for data analytics. Companies like Databricks have introduced LakehouseIQ, enabling users to query corporate data in plain English. ThoughtSpot’s Sage, Dremio, and Tableau are also venturing into similar territories. McKinsey estimates that generative AI could potentially contribute up to $4.4 trillion to the global economy.

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