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Corsa Technology – The Leader In Programmable SDN Switching

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Corsa Technology is a networking hardware company focused on delivering programmable switches, routers and Layer4-7 capabilities for Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization. Corsa Technology recently announced $16.5 Million Series B financing round led by Roadmap Capital. Below is our interview with Carolyn Raab, VP Product Management at Corsa Technology:

Q: Corsa Technology is the leader in programmable SDN switching, tell us something more about the company and your products?

A: Two years ago, when we were conceiving Corsa, we looked at SDN and how it could be deployed, and it seemed curious to us that no one recognized that new, open hardware would be required to realize the full benefit of SDN, particularly in the WAN where 10/40/100G speeds would really stress the overall system. That was the opportunity we saw, and what’s happening now is that it’s all coming together as SDN becomes a requirement in new deployments and especially in the WAN. Corsa’s products are considered networking hardware but for SDN this takes on a particular meaning. Our data plane products are programmable via an open interface from the network management level. This allows network orchestration to become automated based on the real-time state of the network and needs of the users. It also simplifies deployment because operators are using standardized interfaces. Ultimately, networks can rapidly scale in a cost effective way.


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Q: Who is your ideal customer?

A: We’re getting a lot of traction in 100G, whether it’s DC-DC interconnect or service provider networks or SDN supporting NFV. Network architects and network operators looking for much improved network economics and service delivery through automation gravitate to our solution. Our hardware is breaking the traditional mold of being a fixed function box. Via open interfaces, we offer real-time programmatic control for the network to automatically manipulate and fine-tune our deployed data plane based on traffic patterns and the network’s needs.

Q: Could you explain the advantages of your technology compared to competition?

A: The value to the network of our system is that one single hardware platform can be programmed out of the box to take on any function. It’s very simple and can fully integrate with other SDN products and within a traditional network. Our platform has been used as a L2/L3 switch, a BGP Router, an MPLS LER and even an application aware load balancer. All on the same hardware taking advantage of the open programmability of the box and some key attributes needed for at-scale internet operation: complete OpenFlow 1.3 support, multiple tables in the datapath, support for millions of flow entries, deep packet buffers for congestion-free operation, and all of this at line-rate whether running 100G ports or less.


Q: You’ve recently announced an oversubscribed $16.5 Million Series B round of funding, tell us something more?

A: $16.5M was the total raise, from new investor Roadmap Capital, and from our existing investors, Celtic House Venture Partners, BDC Capital and a strategic tech company.
Corsa solves an economic problem, which is the basis for any successful business. The growth in traffic over the Internet for the next five years is well understood, with numbers like 10’s of billons of devices connected and 40 Zettabytes of data being carried annually by 2018-19. The underlying business problem is that customers can’t afford to scale traditional networks to meet this demand – they need SDN to make the networks agile and manageable and affordable.
Our investors see the traction we’re getting in the market place, and the broad base before us for our products. We’re engaged across the spectrum bringing all the benefits of SDN to the WAN, in a platform that is affordable.

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Q: What can we expect from Corsa Technology in next six months? What are your plans?

A: Cost effective 100G WAN in a simple-to-deploy model is what the market wants, we’re hearing it loud and clear. Looking ahead, we are committed to being a cornerstone in network architectures that alter and adapt real-time to traffic patterns and user demands, delivering huge increases in performance at a fraction of the traditional cost. This is what’s driving our roadmap and new products, from WAN core to the network edge.

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