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Delft Circuits Secures 6.3M in Series A Funding To Boost Cri/oFlex Technology

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Delft Circuits, a prominent quantum hardware scale-up, recently announced a significant €6.3M investment in a Series A funding round. This funding, primarily from existing investors like High-Tech Gründerfonds, will be instrumental in enhancing and expanding the company’s production and organizational capabilities.

The Cri/oFlex Breakthrough

In 2016, Delft Circuits identified a major challenge in the quantum realm: the transfer of data between cryogenic and room temperature components. Their innovative solution, the Cri/oFlex technology, facilitates large-scale data transfer across the thermal bridge. This technology has been pivotal in advancing quantum technologies, such as quantum computing, communication, and sensing. The Cri/oFlex platform stands out by integrating all circuitry onto ultra-thin, flexible superconducting circuits, reducing costs and mechanical failures.

DTXL’s Significant Contribution

DeepTechXL (DTXL), based in Eindhoven, played a crucial role in this funding round by contributing €5M. Guus Frericks, the founder and managing partner of DTXL, expressed his excitement about Delft Circuits’ cryogenic cable technology platform. He believes it’s a game-changer in realizing the full potential of quantum computing.

Strategic Partnerships and Growth

Delft Circuits’ collaboration with DTXL, backed by industry giants like ASML and Philips, provides them with invaluable resources and networking opportunities. This partnership is set to propel Delft Circuits to new heights in the quantum industry. Sal Jua Bosman, the founder of Delft Circuits, shared his enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing the company’s journey and its future prospects.

Utilizing the Capital

The funds will be channeled towards scaling up Delft Circuits’ operations and further refining the Cri/oFlex technology platform. This technology addresses a significant bottleneck in quantum systems, making the partnership vital for the advancement of both Delft Circuits and the broader quantum industry.

Delft Circuits is at the forefront of quantum technology advancements, with their Cri/oFlex technology being recognized as “state-of-the-art” by DARPA. With strong partnerships and a clear vision, the company is poised to make significant strides in the quantum computing realm.

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