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Disrupting The Group Messaging And Collaboration Platform Industry With Cutting Edge Technology

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Nuro’s Secure Messaging is an independent standalone platform that addresses the challenges institutions face pertaining to group-messaging and collaboration platforms. Namely, their lack of security, privacy, data ownership, transparency, management, compliance and control across all devices. Below is our interview with JR Smith, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Nuro Secure Messaging:


Q: Where did the concept of Nuro Secure Messaging begin?

A: Founded in 2014 in Tel Aviv by JR Smith, Eran Pfeffer and Omri Sigelman.

Q: You’ve recently launched Nuro Enterprise II; tell us something more?

A: First and foremost, Nuro is a team/group collaboration and communication platform for use on all devices (including all mobile devices, your computer and the web). It is the only collaboration platform that that can analyze messages and patterns and provide the transparency and predictive analytics that organizations need to ensure their confidential communications stay within their boundaries and breaches are prevented in advance. Nuro is also the only platform that provides multiple layers of security; on the device, during transit and at rest on the server. In addition, nothing is kept on the mobile device and all data is kept on the customers servers on their premises. We put control into the hands of the customer with respect to data ownership, manageability, transparency as well as control of the who, what, when and how the platform is used (fully customizable from a functionality and branding perspective). And while the above is a top priority, the platform is extremely easy to use both internally and externally with partners and outside customers.

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Q: What are main benefits of using it?

A: The benefits to the person/employee using the platform/application is that it’s easy to use, very intuitive, is secure and is private. The advantage to the corporate customer deploying the platform is that it increases overall productivity while at the same time ensuring that confidential information stays within the organization, that it cannot be hacked, is free of malware and socially engineered threats, prevents data leakage, is transparent, manageable and all the data is held internal behind their firewall. It also integrates into their internal systems for reporting, data transfer, alarms, comms, etc. and is fully customizable from a backend functionality (rights) as well as a branding (look and feel) perspective.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: With respect to features, Nuro allows people to communicate via text and voice, it allows people to send pics, docs, data, etc. securely and privately. In addition, nothing leaves the Nuro platform; when you open a doc, it does not do so with an outside third-party app or Google/Apple/MSFT application, it remains secure and private within the Nuro platform (this is very unique). It also has a fully functional management platform with all administrative controls, transparency, alerts, etc. You can create and delete groups and/or participants easily, can archive chats, integrate with your calendar, set reminders, etc. The platform is fully searchable as well so you can locate virtually anything instantly. It does this all with world class security and privacy.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Nuro Secure Messaging?

A: With respect to convincing a reader to try Nuro I would simply say that based on a recent Neilson study, 97% of people in the workplace are using some form of group messaging platform in the workplace and the majority of these apps are consumer grade apps with no security, privacy, manageability, transparency to the corporate and are definitely not compliant with local regulations around security and privacy. GM is now the preferred method of communication in most organizations both internally as well as externally with clients, patients and trusted partners. Nuro is fast, easy and more personal. The easy integration to legacy systems makes them accessible to Nuro. We believe email is becoming obsolete and also lacks the security, privacy and manageability of our platform. Try it!

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