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Easy Tax File Uses Technology To Make Tax Filing More Convenient And Efficient

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Easy Tax File is a modern taxation solution designed to make organizing and filing taxes as seamless and stress free as possible. Below is our interview with Andrew Zakharia, Founder and Owner of Easy Tax File:


Q: How did Easy Tax File start? What’s your startup story?

A: I started an accounting firm 2.5 years ago and have noticed that most people want to minimize the amount of time they spend doing their taxes. I also noticed that scheduling a visit to my office was challenging given the modern day demands families face. The Easy Tax File concept was created to address these concerns – make tax filing easy and convenient.

Q: What makes Easy Tax File a good choice?

A: Easy Tax File is a good choice if you are looking for a professional accountant to prepare your tax filings without the typical inconveniences this decision brings. Because there are no office meetings, time spent on your return by the preparer is reduced allowing cost savings that are passed onto the customer. Professional, convenient service at a competitive price.

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Q: How does Easy Tax File differ from its competition?

A: The competition doesn’t provide the opportunity to work with an accountant from the comfort of your own home. You have to schedule a visit to the accountant which means spending evenings and weekends at their office on their schedule.

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Q: What can we expect form you in 2017?

A: We plan to develop a mobile phone app which will further simplify the tax filing process. Stay tuned.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Easy Tax File?

A: People use technology everyday to make life more convenient and efficient – Uber, Airbnb, mobile shopping apps, etc.. Why not also use technology to make tax filing more convenient and efficient.

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