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Essential Business Security Upgrades For 2020

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Every business needs to take security seriously, however, security often doesn’t become a priority until after a break-in. Instead of waiting for the worst case to happen, it’s worth considering and investing in some essential business security updates for 2020.

Security Cameras

One security update you should definitely consider is adding or updating on-site security cameras. With so many options it can be hard to choose what type of security cameras to install. A Wifi camera is an affordable way to enhance the security of your business. Wifi cameras are easy to install and with real time notifications can alert you when there is activity in or around your business. Best of all with remote viewing you’ll be able to see live footage directly on your smart device.


Cybersecurity is something many small business owners tend to overlook. Small businesses are in danger of being hacked just as much as any other company.

Sure, it’s usually large businesses that make the news, but that doesn’t mean smaller businesses aren’t being blackmailed or seeing their data compromised. Keep in mind that a data breach could hurt your reputation and customers, and that’s going to be hard to earn back. Cybersecurity includes things like malware protection or virus protection.

Visitor Management

A visitor management system helps you manage customers, clients, and all other visitors that come to your place of business. In essence, it takes away the job of signing in, which is a tedious job that your receptionist probably had to deal with.

The system allows visitors to sign in digitally and helps you keep track of everyone that comes in and out. This not only increases security, but it also helps you manage all visitors. The system can collect names, the purpose of the visit, and the exact time of arrival so that you can take care of each person with more precision.

Smart Alarms

A smart alarm system for business basically acts like a regular alarm system, except it can warn you and your security management company of a potential problem. The wifi cameras will help the alarm system send over live images so that you can see what is happening.

If you aren’t available, your security management team should be able to assess the situation for you and call the proper authorities. Smart alarm systems sometimes include additional devices, like smart locks that would trigger the system if tampered with.

Parcel Security Box

More businesses are having items delivered, but these items are exposed when you are not there to receive the package. If your office is big enough, then you might have more than one person receiving packages, which can get a little scary in terms of security.

You can invest in parcel security boxes that can only be opened by the carrier and the person receiving the package. Of course, the boxes could also be accessed by an authorized employee in your office who handles mail, but the point is that these packages should be safe. This is a good way to ensure that packages get to their destination every time.

These are just some security updates you can make for your place of business. It’s important that you continue to do what you can to make even better changes to keep your data, clients, customers, and employees safe.

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