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Everchat – Messaging And File Sharing Platform For Modern Teams

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Everchat is a messaging and file sharing platform, that aims to provide simplified and more productive team collaboration, having in mind the fact that there is a great untapped potential for social technologies to improve communication and collaboration in enterprises. Below is a recent interview with Pedro Henrique Marques, Co-founder of Everchat:

Pedro Henrique Marques, Co-Founder Of EverchatQ: What is Everchat?

A: Putting it simply, Everchat is a simple messaging and file sharing platform for modern teams. We decided to start building it earlier this year because we needed this product. Our team is spread across three continents and communication has always been a problem to us. Everybody knows it, but I am going to say it anyways: Email sucks. And if you are thousands of miles apart, it sucks even harder. According to this report from the McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend around 60% of their working day performing communication-related tasks, mostly reading and answering email, but also searching and gathering information or communicating and collaborating internally. Being straight to the point: people are wasting precious time and getting frustrated in the process. In this crazy world we live in, time is not only money. Not anymore. Ultimately, time is happiness.

All in all, we envision a world where happiness and high productivity in the workplace – be it local or remote – is the rule, not the exception.

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Everchat preview

Q: What are biggest advantages of using it?

A: We are still “dogfooding” Everchat (private beta, really). Right now, by the way, we are starting to move 100% of our team communication to it. That said, Everchat is a really simple and beautiful product. We are focusing on creating something that is easy and pleasant to use. The main idea is that our users will not only be able to communicate internally, but also communicate with people outside the company. We are creating a powerful cross team communication feature that will make users a lot less dependant on email.

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Q: How private and secure are your users’ data?

A: We are very serious about privacy. That said, we handle data using a encrypted service that makes sure everything users share are safe and private.

Everchat preview 2

Q: What can Everchat users expect in the future, what are your plans?

A: We have many plans for the future. Adding a native video conf. and screensharing feature is certainly on our radar, for example. People who we’ve talked to recently seemed very excited about this particular feature. As I mentioned, Everchat is still is private beta, but we expect to launch it by December.

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