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Expanding Access To Behavioral Health Crisis Care A New Era Of Growth

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Connections Health Solutions, a pioneer in immediate-access behavioral health crisis care, has recently secured a $28 million growth financing round. This funding, spearheaded by Town Hall Ventures, aims to broaden the reach of essential behavioral health crisis services across various communities.

Government’s Role in Behavioral Health

In the past few years, governments at various levels have allocated billions to enhance the behavioral health crisis response system. Colin LeClair, the CEO of Connections Health Solutions, emphasized the shift from relying solely on emergency departments or jails for individuals in crisis. Instead, there’s a growing demand for immediate access to urgent mental healthcare. Connections has been at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring better care, improved outcomes, and a renewed sense of hope for those in need.

The Unique Model of Connections

Nationally acclaimed for its expertise, Connections offers a comprehensive crisis care system. Their centers feature a walk-in behavioral health urgent care, a 23-hour emergency psychiatric unit, a crisis stabilization unit, and an outpatient treatment program. The organization stands out for its commitment to serve everyone, irrespective of their insurance status or the severity of their condition. Their approach has shown to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, alleviate the burden on healthcare and judicial systems, and ensure superior patient outcomes.

Endorsement from Partners

David Whelan, Co-Founder of Town Hall Ventures, highlighted the significant gap in care for individuals undergoing a behavioral health crisis. He expressed confidence in Connections’ ability to reshape the crisis care landscape, ensuring the best outcomes and highest quality of care.

Recent Milestones

Over the past 15 months, Connections has achieved several milestones

  • Expansion beyond Arizona to Montana.
  • Selection by Prince William County in Virginia to manage its crisis response center for both youth and adults.
  • Announced plans to enter Washington state, collaborating with the North King County Coalition.
  • Celebrated 15 years of serving Arizona communities.

Future Endeavors

The newly acquired funds will also be channeled into the development of innovative services and technology. These advancements aim to enhance crisis care access and extend the care team’s reach post-crisis stabilization.

About Connections Health Solutions

For over a decade and a half, Connections Health Solutions has been a beacon of hope for communities, offering immediate-access behavioral health crisis care. Their model, recognized as a best practice by notable organizations, ensures individuals receive the right resources promptly.

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