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GigeNET – A Full-Service Managed Hosting Provider

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GigeNET has been a hosting solutions pioneer since their inception in the 90’s. Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois (where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. private data center), GigeNET offers dedicated, cloud and hybrid hosting solutions, as well as industry’s leading DDoS mitigation system. Below is our interview with Ameen Pishdadi, President of GigeNET:

Ameen-PishdadiQ: What can GigeNET offer to startup companies?

A: We offer startup companies affordability with a variety of cost conscious solutions, along with management, giving them the ability to grow and upgrade as they need.

Q: What are main benefits of choosing GigeNET?

A: We have one of the most stable and high performing networks in the industry. We have not had a network wide outage in several years. We also have a top notch support department which is available 24/7 by phone, and ticket. Our support department is US based and always go out of there way to give the customer the best experience possible. We offer different manage plans depending on the customer needs. We are not just a dedicated hosting provider, we are a solutions provider, we can build custom solutions based on customer needs and are able to execute what they need in an extremely timely fashion.

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Q: GigeNET has recently opened a new datacenter in Ashburn, VA, tell us something more?

A: Ashburn / DC Metro is one of the highest density locations for datacenters and 70 percent of internet traffic passes through it. The location gives customers on the east coast and in Europe much lower latency to there services and adds 100s of additional peering connections to our network. We have the whole US covered with it, west coast, central and east. So customers who have needs in any of these locations can get them without having to deal with multiple companies.

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Q: Could you tell us something about your automated DDoS protection and GigeNET Proxyshield?

A: We built the system for multiple reasons. One reason is customers who have multi-tenant servers , say someone who sells hosting customers on it, if one of the100s of customers gets ddosed, the entire server shouldn’t go down. We want to minimize the affect to the customers other accounts. So the system within seconds can detect an attack on an ip and filter it or null route it depending on the size, and the rest of the server and accounts on it will not be affected.

The system is extremely accurate, and has zero false positives. It is also extremely cost effective.


Q: Do you have any particular advice for startups planning to choose between dedicated, cloud or hybrid hosting solutions?

A: It really depends on the budget and the use. The cloud is great, you can start off extremely small and upgrade instantly as you need, very good for the development phase. Once your past that and your ready to launch, the dedicated route is the best to go. Once your business starts picking up and you start to see growth, and upgrades are needed a hybrid solution is absolutely the best way to go. We can advise customers with the solution they need if they are not sure whats best.

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